Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Following The Rules

The rest of last weekend was spent running from one thing to another. Saturday I rushed to feed horses, then off to make an appearance at Alice's bridal shower, then I met up with Electric. Electric is my history friend and there has been a museum exhibit I have been longing to see. So since the rain had canceled out my horse show Electric and I headed south to the museum. The exhibit was interesting and I was glad the we had the opportunity to go.

A few months back I established the rule that I don't sit around and wait on people. College Friend had mentioned wanting to hang out Saturday night, but by 1 when I had not heard from him I shrugged and decided that Electric and I would be in no hurry. I was following my set rule that I would not wait on a guy. Beside Vixen was wanting to go see a movie that night. I figured if, if, College Friend called I would invite him to the movies with us.

After the exhibit Electric and I met up with Vixen to eat diner. No word from College Friend..... Good thing I wasn't holding my breath for that phone call.

After diner the three of us went to watch Wolverine, which was great. I get a text from College Friend telling me he took his mom to a concert for mother's day and it lasted longer than he thought it was.

Ok good excuse. And nice that he did something for his mom..... but why if he had plans did he ask if I wanted to hang out in the first place? Guys...... shake of head......... I will never understand them!

C.C., "This isn't a typical night."
Niles, "Yes, you're not home alone sitting on your foot massager watching 'Sisters'."
~ The Nanny ~

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