Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Part: 1

So this is the weekend that the Marine Boys were coming home. And this would be a long weekend due to the Memorial Day holiday. And if you recall I was looking forward to perhaps hanging out with Marine2. But I am holding true to the rule that I will not wait around on people and thus always (always) have a Plan B.

As of Saturday I had not heard from him, and our plans had been made for Sunday afternoon. My Plan B was to go to the lake with Vixen, Blondie, and Babbles. Sunday morning I am on the way to church and my phone rings. Its Marine2. I feel mixed emotions; excitement, nervousness and hesitation - to name a few.

I answer the phone. Mind you at this point:
a) I am pulling into the church parking lot

b) trying to look for a parking spot while avoiding the elderly lady who is determined to walk out in front of every moving vehicle that goes by

c) Vixen is beeping in to see where I'm at

So my concentration is not at its best as Marine2 is trying to talk to me. So I'm not real sure if I canceled our plans or if he called to cancel our plans.

I think, think, he asked if I still wanted to go riding or if I had made other plans. I remember saying that I hadn't heard from him so I had planned on going to the lake if he didn't want to go. Like I said mass confusion was going on all around so I wasn't on my A game.

He says something about family being in from out of town and that they were wanting to go fishing later in the evening. At this point I am parked and Vixen is at the passenger window banging on it for me to unlock the car door (I picked her up a biscuit on the way). I hit unlock and she climbs in and starts trying to talk to me thru hand gestures and silent words. Like I can really talk on the phone and read her lips all at the same time. See why I'm not real sure about this whole conversation. I wave a hand at Vixen trying to get her to shut up and eat her biscuit as I focus my attention back on Marine2 who is now asking about my accident, "So I heard you and Horse had an accident?"

He calls my horse by name. That was the part that got my attention. I mean half of my friends probably don't even know my horses name. Ok well my close friends do but I didn't expect him to. Vixen is now pointing at the clock on the dash so I tell Marine2 a quick version than offer an apology and a "nexttimeyourintownwe'llgettogether" (I was talking that fast).

After hanging up I pause wondering if he canceled on me or if I canceled on him? Huh. Well crap.

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Date Girl said...

Oh I hate being distracted when on the phone. Did you at least pinch Vixen for being a pain in the booty? As for the old lady, I think they are everywhere, but church parking lots especially! No spatial awareness whatsoever.