Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend ~ Part 2

June 3 ~ I started writing this a week ago and I'm sure it had a point and was going somewhere but way to many things have happened since for me to even remotely remember what that was! Oh well posting anyway.


So after being puzzled by my conversation with Marine2 I sat thru a wonderful church service that was about forgiving and moving on. During which I got several pointed looks from Vixen. The looks relate to that X and I spoke this last week, he had heard about the accident and well like always it snowballed from there. As always it was nice to talk with him but it left me with some remorse. Perhaps I will always wish things had turned out differently. Oh well

After church Vixen and I headed to the lake house to meet up with Blondie, Babbles, and Babbles Hubs, along with other family and friends. The day was fun, laying on the dock and riding in the boat. The water was way to cold to wakeboard though!

Monday (Memorial Day) we headed south for a concert. In attendance was myself, Vixen, Vivi, Giggles, Giggles Fiance, and Lil Bro. Lil Bro leaves in two weeks for Army basic training. So in the meantime I am trying to spend as much time as possible with him. I can't beleive he is grown up enough to join the Army. In my eyes he will always be that 10 year old little boy who thought I had cooties!

Thank you to everyone who serves or has served for our Country!!!
Happy Memorial Day!!
~ E ~


Date Girl said...

Have you heard any more from Marine 2? Glad you had a nice Memorial day.

E said...

No more word from Marine2......