Sunday, May 24, 2009


Friday I left job 1 to head to job 2 (Sports Bar). From my recent accident I'm slightly doped up on pain pills so I'm in a 'speak-my-mind' kinda mood. Usually I only reach this point after a few drinks. The night is really ssssssssslllllllllllllooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwww so after encouragement from Fire Guy and his Friend I take a seat at their table and talk with them as they finish off their pitcher of beer.

They are asking questions about my accident and I am telling them the full details of why I now look 17 again (ie braces).

Fire Guy, "I wish I would have been there."

I sat there and kinda looked at him not sure what to say but before I could ask why he said; "I would have saved you."

Oh poor Fire Guy. He always wants to come to the rescue. But as I stated before I was much in a 'speak-my-mind' mood, "What would you have done? Helped me hold the paper towel to my nose?" I laugh.

He pauses a minute and then laughs to, while his friend just shakes his head at the two of us. "Ok your right," he admits hanging his head slightly, "But I still wish I would have been there."

I don't know what to say to that..... I mean really come on....... so I change the topic. Which somehow along the line the train jumps the tracks and the topic turns to X who is now volunteering with the Fire Department. Fire Guy tells me this saying that he must of heard I like Firemen ~ haha, laugh, laugh. I just role my eyes and say, "I give you permission to push him off a ladder."

Fire Guy's eyes light up, "So can I punch him now?" For months Fire Guy has been asking me if he could just punch X for everything he has done. And I keep telling him no. Besides I think if anyone has first dibs it would be Blondie.

"No you can't punch him," I laugh.

"Well can I at least make him my personal b*tch during training?" He smiles big at this new idea.

Knowing that no matter what I say he will probably do it anyway, with a smile and shake of my head I go ahead and agree.

"Does he know we dated?"

"Fire Guy noone knows me and you dated but me and you," and with a laugh I stand up and walk off.

I don't understand guys at all. I mean at all. Period. That becomes more apparent every day it seems.

I have hopes that since it is so slow I will get to leave early. These hopes are answered as GirlFriend and I duck out and head to the horse sale. Ended up being a fun, yet uneventful night. Its nice to have those every once in awhile.

Saturday..... what did I do Saturday?

Oh yes I went and picked Vixen up at the airport. She has been gone this past week to the beach. Lucky her. While gone I stayed at her house and was woken up every morning (yes I said every morning) at 6:40 a.m. by a bird flying into the bedroom window. He would then flutter at the window and when unsuccessful would move to the next window and after several failed attempts would then land on the ledge. Very persistent little thing.

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