Tuesday, June 9, 2009

1 - +1 = 0 ?

"Why does one - minus a plus one - always feels like it adds up to zero?"

My math skills may leave something to be desired but I completely get the equation {1 - +1 = 0} I once heard the saying plus one is the loneliest number and perhaps that may be true. The past two weekends I have had weddings to attend. Weddings where the invitation reads: E and Guest and guest. Look to the left.... look to the right....... nope no Guest in sight. Just me.

I'm ok with it just being me but when you show up to a couples type event like a wedding you can't help but feel at odds when you are there alone. The only advantage of this rule is that more than likely there will also be dateless guys there to who will be just as relieved as you are to see that you are not the only one without a date. Or at least that was my experience at the first wedding. Even though I had WD ~ I mean lets face it he was trying to hook up with the other out of town bridesmaid much to all of our amusement ~ there were other guys there that were also dateless. Which ended up being fine because we danced all night. One guy in particular became my unspoken dance partner. As we twirled around the makeshift dance floor I remember feeling thankful. I love to dance, even though let's call a spade a spade, I'm probably to much of a klutz to dance. But hey after a few beers I no longer really care and my rhythem seems to improve... It was also nice to slow dance. And my dance partner was cute, but like most guys that hit on my lately was way to young to be considered an actual prospect.

The wedding this past weekend I attended with Blondie ~ Fortunately (or unfortunately) her boyfriend had to work. This wedding was paired off more in couples rarely a single person in sight. After the ceremony we didn't linger. I had a barrel race to attend after all.

So even though as a single girl I am happy with myself why do I feel that +1 equals 0? We should not let ourselves be defined by weather we have a significant other or not. Yet you can't help when you get that invitation your mind goes through the list of everyone you know hoping that maybe you can get someone (hell anyone) to go as your date. Why is it that weddings and office functions make us long to have a +1?

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Date Girl said...

Oh I hear you! Most weddings/functions these days are just better with a plus 1. When I was single, I took a close guy friend, and we ended up having a blast! So maybe you can round up one of those for the next thing?

Btw, I tagged you on my blog!