Friday, June 5, 2009

***Beep**Beep*** We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programing....

I am interrupting the normal scheduled blog post
to bring you this important announcement....

This is my 200th post.

I was planning on doing a post in this fashion on my 1 year blog-versary but when I saw that I was at 200 I felt there was no time like the present. I want to take a moment to reflect, look back at some of my favorite post (perhaps some of my favorite mistakes), some of my least favorite moments (when perhaps a do-over would have been best), and a little of everything in between. Buckle up and lets rewind.

1. Welcome ~~ It all started July 29, 2007 when I sat bored out of my mind at work and came up with the idea of starting a blog. At the time I thought it would serve as a time killer for myself and Vivi, little did I realize it would turn into a passion.

2. "Can You Get To A Future if Your Past is Present" ~~ Ah Mr. Big. To fully grasp this post you may have to read the post prior. This is not one of my favorite posts but think it is relevant in the Saga that is Big.

3. Two posts that I loathe but are pertinent to understanding my story: The X Factor and "Maybe the Past is Like an Anchor Holding us Back. Maybe, You Have To Let Go of Who You Were to Become Who You Will Be."

4. Trip To The Top Of The World ~~This was such a fun night. One of those summer nights that you wish you would never end and the thought of it makes me shake my head yet brings a smile to my face all at the same time.

5. Life: Shaken not Stirred ~~ Ok I really just like this title!

6. Gone Fishing ~~ My first date.... well, maybe, kinda.... either way it was a great day that will always make me think of Fire Guy with a smile.

7. I'm Always Your Last Call ~~ When I learn that guys are full of shit and words are a dime a dozen.

8. Just Say No ~~ Another fun night I will always look back at with a smile but that shows I never really learn.

9. Brave New Girl ~ Chapter 6: Flirting With Strangers ~~ With a new year I turn over a new leaf and actually get a little courage.

10. Just What I Need On A Night Like This ~~ Sometimes what you want is not what you really need. And sometimes what you need is not really what you want.

When I started this blog I thought "my life isn't that interesting I may have to embellish some...." little did I realize how many Mis(Adventures) I really do have. I mean really who could make this stuff up? And just think I do actually censor at times.

I have come to the conclusion that I tend to go for the guys I know that it will not work with; Marine1, GB, DMOF ~ to name a few. Sense the pattern? I know these guys are all wrong for me, yet I think that is why I am drawn to them. I'm not ready for a relationship and these guys are guys I know I would never have one with therefor no expectations and it works out perfectly. Never thought I would have that outlook. For right now though I'm just having fun and trying not to make to many mistakes along the way.

Thanks everyone for all the comments/feedback! Here's to the next 200 posts in hopes they will be just as much fun and hopefully at least semi-entertaining!

"I love you, but I love me more."
~ Samantha, SATC ~


Ana from far away! said...

Congratulations!!! and the phrase said by samantha is the best ever!!! I´ll never forget that episode.

Date Girl said...

This is great! Congrats on your 200th post! I haven't been reading your blog for all that long, so it's nice to have this recap. Keep it up, I love reading your stories.