Friday, June 12, 2009

TAG..... I'm It

I've been tagged! I've received the Honest Scrap Award

[ Yea! My First Blog Award ] It was bestowed so kindly upon me by Date Girl (check her out she is great!). I am using the word Kindly loosely here in that since she was going down she felt the need to drag me down with her. Just kidding. But I will not go down alone either {see tags below}!!

I now have to tell you 10 things about me.... Which lets face it you know a good bit about me already...... Hmmmm where to start......

  1. I wear cowboy boots and carry a Coach purse (at the same time). I get dirty but yet like to dress up every once in awhile to. Besides who says Ariets and Coach can't go together? Some fashionista is rolling over in the grave right about now...

  2. I'm not really in to labels and if not for Vivi and Vixen I probably wouldn't even know what Coach was. But Vixen tries to keep me up to date! Pretty much any designer label I have has been a gift [or recommended purchase ] from Vixen. Purse pictured prime example.

  3. I am a closet Hills fan. Its one of those pointless shows that I don't really know why I watch it yet every Monday I tune in to watch the drama unfold. Gotta love LC though, I have to say she always handles the situations with class.
  4. Chick-Fil-A is my favorite fast food restaurant. Period end of story.
  5. Lately I fill like my life is going backward rather than forward. I just got to figure how to get it back on the right track. If I were in a stable relationship and financially ok I would be ready to have kids. I guess that is where I thought I would be at this point in my life instead of starting over.
  6. I have refused to join Twitter because I already fill that with Facebook, Myspace and my Blackberry I am connected enough. Why add to it? Yet I have started to weaken lately and kinda want to join just to see what all the craze is about.
  7. When I get really mad my chest and neck break out in red blotches. Sometimes I do this when I am really nervous to and I hate that this is something I can't control.
  8. I am manipulative. Sometimes I manipulate people without even realize I'm doing it.... I remember as a kid my Dad telling me I easily influenced people and their decisions and that I needed to be careful. He made it sound like I had this super power and that I needed to use it for good instead of evil. I remember thinking at the time that he was crazy. The older I get though I wish he were here for me to tell him that maybe he was right.
  9. I honestly have more fun going to horse shows than going out on the weekends. Is that sad?
  10. I hope to one day write a book. A mystery-chick-lit type book. I have started several but then I seem to lose interest or run out of time. It seems I always have A and C just missing the B part for all to add up [ A + B = C ]. But I have faith that one day I will get it right.

So now in passing the torch I would like to tag: Vivi, Phoebe, Ana from far away!, Unwritten, Nicole, and The Working Girls, and Karie.

AND PS...... I forgot a random thing! I love Jennifer Love Hewitt's music! Yeah bet you didn't even know she sang :) lol


Ana from far away! said...

Congrats!!! coach purses are the best! I also watch the Hills, but now that Lauren is gone, I don´t think I´ll be able to stand her substitute.

Janet said...

maybe it IS a super power!!!

Unwritten said...

This was great. I find myself watching the Hills from time to time. I guess I'll be doing this now too. Thanks a!