Wednesday, June 24, 2009

True Blood

Friday night after diner and drinks with Giggles I headed to Vixen's. One of the V-Card carrying members was coming up for the weekend but he was not expected to arrive till later so Vixen had rented the first disc of True Blood for us to watch. I have read several books in the series but had yet to see the HBO version. Lately I have been hearing how good it is so Vixen and I decided to give it a whirl.

When I arrived at the house, Vixen's diner in hand, she greets me at the door with a fake smile in place. I know something is up, a surprise of some sort that she is not happy about. V-Card has arrived earlier than expected. Oh well. I'm not a third wheel this is my soon to be future residence to. I greet him and take a seat on the love seat. Maybe a better word would be sprawl. The air conditioner has decided to go on strike so all the widows are open and the fans whirling at full blast, still not much of a match for the humid southern heat.

Vixen dives into her Philly cheese steak, I sip my sweet tea, and V-Card presses play. I had been warned there were some.... interesting scenes in the show, I mean this was an HBO series after all. As the show proceeded Vixen and I bit our tongues not saying what we were both thinking.

Fastforward to Tuesday night. After work I feed horses, picked up diner and headed to Vixen's for True Blood disc 2. Half way thru the 3rd episode I had to hit pause.

"Ok Friday night there were so many comments I wanted to make but couldn't in front of V-Card," I said.

"I know me to!!" Vixen exclaims, "All I could think was how long its been."

We laugh, "Well I was wondering if he was thinking 'do people really do it like that?'"

She laughs harder, "I know I couldn't even look at him! There is no telling what he was thinking!"

I mean if you've seen the show you know where we are coming from.

"Don't say UH-OH! Vampires do NOT say UH-OH!"
~ Sookie, True Blood ~


Unwritten said...

I love True Blood. I don't have HBO so I haven't been able to watch for a while. It does have some "interesting" scenes. Lol!

Vivi said...

I love the show. And yes, we do... do it like that I mean.

Date Girl said...

Is the show scary? I'm a huge chicken, so I haven't watched it before. I may have to pick up the books, are they better than Twilight?
That's too funny about V Card. You've scarred that poor innocent boy!

jwriter said...

I love True Blood and it is a very great show. The Second Season is amazing and I can't wait to watch the next episode. Secretly I want to be a Saved, Handsome, Daywalking non-evil vampire LOL.

Oh A few months back you commented on my not All I and said that I should be brave and ask a stranger out, well I didn't quite follow your advice, instead I took it and asked my friend out that I've liked for a long time. She said yes we went out on Valentines Day and then 4 more dates after that and we've been in a "Romantic Friendship" for 6 months now. Thanks for the push.

And keep blogging!!!

E said...

Date Girl the show isn't really scary ~ Think HBO version of Twilight, just less romance - more 'interesting' scenes, and mystery.

And JWriter ~ Sorry I'm slacking I haven't been by your blog in a bit! I need to catch up! Happy I was able to help :)