Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Weekend

Saturday morning text to Vixen,

"so I don't need to go anywhere without you anymore. I drank a bottle of rum last night. A bottle!!! Well 80% of one, and I made out with a groomsman! Wait it gets better. Not just any groomsman..... ____!! I don't need to drink anymore but in my defense it was not my fault! I was talking and he just leaned over and kissed me. I was just so excited that someone wanted to kiss me even though got the braces! "

After getting home late Thursday (from probably the best concert I have been to all year) the Friday morning alarm sounded a little to early. My headed pounded in protest as I rolled out of bed and headed in search of caffeine.

I grab a Dr Pepper and sit down closing my eyes willing the pounding to go away. My phone goes off. My eyes still closed I reach for it and half crack one eye to read the new message, "Can you meet us at 1 instead?"

Crap!! Like a cartoon character my eyes bug out as I realize I have just lost about an hour and half off of my already tight schedule. Feeling there is no other choice I type back 'yes' as I race for the shower.

It was Friday. Friday of Alice's wedding weekend. Out of town wedding weekend, I might add. Originally she had asked me to be a bridesmaid, but lets face it I really don't have the extra $200 to shell out for a dress I will wear once. Already having 7 bridesmaids she understood but asked if I would still come down for the whole weekend as if I were one. I had agreed.

But not really knowing the grooms family that well I hated to seem like a party crasher of the rehearsal and rehearsal diner. So a few weeks ago when one of the groomsman (and one of my guy friends) asked if I had a date for the wedding. I told him no. With a laugh he said he didn't either and suggested we be each others dates. I agreed. Problem solved. I now had my ticket to sit at the wedding party table, etc.

Originally I was going to ride down with one of the bridesmaids I didn't know and Punk-Rock-Chick. But then bridesmaid's boyfriend and sister decided to ride down with them leaving no room for me. Oh well. No problem. I call my WD (wedding date ~ and perhaps I should stress here we are just friends) to see if there is room for me ride down with him. He tells me sure it is him and three of the other groomsman but that there is plenty of room in the Tahoe for me. He then tells me to meet GM1 (I'll just start numbering them ~ there is 7 of them so its not like your going to keep them straight anyway) and ride south with him and the others who are meeting him at his work.

So in my post concert daze I hurriedly throw clothes into a suitcase. Did I pay attention to what I was packing? Not really. I figured as long as I had my two dresses (one for rehearsal, one for wedding), makeup, straightener, and hair dryer I would be ok and that the other clothes didn't really matter.

Now to complete my to do list before meeting the boys......

A few short hours later I pulled into Punk-Rock-Chick's apartment complex doing mach 90. I hand her my two dresses (she had offered to put them in her garment bag so they wouldn't get wrinkled), and dashed with my suitcase and bottle of rum to GM1's car. I toss the suitcase in the trunk and hop in the backseat.... Instead of just two GM's in the car there is a third guy whom I do not really know. The math going thru my head is there are 4 of us and we are picking up 2 more people...... hhhmmmm....

Oh well.

The end result being that it was me and three guys crammed in the backseat of the Tahoe. What happened to the third row seating you may ask? It was laid down cause the back was full of Golf clubs and suitcases. The result of the car ride being that I have decided next wedding I am I want to be a groomsman. Screw being a bridesmaid!!

So in reality there really wasn't enough room for me to ride with them. They were all very good sports though and welcomed me, not complaining once about how cramped we were in the back seat. The three hour ride was funny to say the least. It also gave me time to come up with the Date Report Card. WD on the way down was talking about an out town bridesmaid who he had seen pictures of and thought was cute. Of course I tell him that hitting on another girl while on a date with me will make him lose a Date Point. It was all in good fun and we all laugh as the guys agree to help me judge WD.

Now lets fastforward --> --> --> we beat Punk-Rock-Chick to lodge, she has my dress, they are running late, so have to wear capris and t-shit to rehearsal instead of cute dress. Sigh, oh well --> --> --> rehearsal = good --> --> --> rehearsal diner = great food, bartender messed up my drink so got it free (tipped her still cause was made stout and started out the night well) --> --> --> back to lodge.

At the lodge we all head out back by the lake where the reception is going to be. The docks and lawn are full of the Bride and Groom's family and friends (Bridesmaids, Groomsmans). Then one of the Groom's friends arrive with a keg.

I stick to my rum though and share with some of the brides cousins as every one lounges around enjoying the cool night air. But as the sun goes down the noise level rises. The next thing I know there are people doing Keg stands and I'm not just talking about the young people! I saw several uncles as well as the brides father do a keg stand. This weekend was starting to shape into a more fun one that I had anticipated.

Having been in a serious relationship since I was 18 I never really had that keg-stand-party-college-experience. But as I had people trying to talk me into doing a keg stand I had a feeling this is what college may have been like had I been single.

So yeah I ended up doing my first keg stand. But me being me I sat back nonchalantly watching other guys and girls go keeping up with the final count each girl had. I mean after all if I was going to do this I was going to be the best. Yes, everything is a competition.

Finally I let GB (grooms brother) drag me by the hand toward the keg. And yes I ended up being the girl champion while GB was the guy champ. Meanwhile WD is flirting up the out of town bridesmaid who is really fun and I had instantly hit it off with. So as WD spit his game we all sat back laughing and taking bets as if it would work or not. During this one of the guys walks up behind GB (who is in a chair directly across from me) and makes hand motions toward me and GB. I get the gist and smile and shake my head no. He shakes his head yes and walks off.

Bride's cousin brings me another drink and at this point I realize I have had way to much (as in over 75% of the bottle). The crowd is thinning and I find myself and GB swinging on the swing as a few other stragglers hang around. I say I have to go up to the lodge to the bathroom. GB says he will walk with me so he can get a dry shirt. Earlier in the night WD was pushed/fell (still up for debate) in the lake when he did he grabbed for GB to pull him in to but GB leaned back and let WD go in alone but in the process WD pulled GB's shirt over his head and into the lake to.

We walked up to the lodge talking but I could not tell you about what. We entered the building and I headed for the restroom. In my drunken haze I figured I would come out and he would be gone. So imagine my surprise as I came out of the bathroom to see him leaning against the opposite wall waiting on me.

And lets just say GB is pretty good looking and with his shirt off he is cut in all the right places.

He said something about me going with him to get a dry shirt and I followed him to the elevator. At this point the rum and beer is in full effect and as Girlfriend says I had hit "the fun part". We ride the elevator up to the top floor and exit. He glances both ways trying to remember where the room is. I follow him but as he slides his key in and goes inside I wander down the hall and stand to gaze out the window. The door had been left ajar so I could enter behind him but with everyone being downstairs I knew if someone came up and I was in the room it would not look good and assumptions would be made. Yeah even drunk I worry about what others think.

I heard him come up behind me and I turned around so that I was sitting on the ledge. He said something and I said something.... I can't recall what...... then I am looking at him talking and I see him lean forward. I keep talking as he leans further forward my brain not comprehending what is about to happen. Then his lips softly touch mine.

At this point the fact I am standing in the hallway making out with the Grooms Brother does not cross my mind. All I can think is that even with my braces he kissed me!! (Yes, since the accident the braces have made me feel a little self concious, perhaps because they make me look 17). And yeah I pulled away and started rambling about the fact and wanted him to confirm that he wanted to kiss me despite the braces. Yes I am a true dork who when drinking really says EVERYTHING that comes to mind.

He laughs and says yes. He leans in to kiss me again and I hear footsteps coming down the hall and we pull apart. GB is pretty solid and blocks me but I see past him that it is a drunk Uncle wandering up to his room. Busted. Oh well say he has had as much to drink as us and won't remember.....

I tell him we need to go back outside. He takes my hand and as we enter the elevator he leans down to kiss me again.

If you can't tell I love to kiss! I think there is nothing better than to be kissed. Especially when I have been drinking, cause then I have more courage. hehe.

We exit the lodge and head back for the swing. Everyone is gone. The place is cleared out..... How long were we gone? How did we miss the other groomsmen if they had headed back up to the room?

We walk out onto the dock and sit down our legs hanging over the side. We lay backwards, our feet dangling looking up at the stars. It's one of those moments the hopeless romantic within (if she still existed) would have loved. It was so peaceful. Then he leaned over and kissed me again.

The night air was growing cold and before long we headed back for the lodge. The elevator stopped on my floor and I exited it, my knees slightly weak from the rum or the kiss I'm not real sure. I exit the elevator and turn to tell him good night. Before I can walk off he has stepped off the elevator and pulled me close for one last kiss. He smiles as he backs back into the elevator and as I watch him go I think how good looking he is and that just once it might be ok to not be the good girl. I shake the thought from my head and turn in the direction of my room.

I am in the easiest room number ever 222. Really how hard is that to remember? Its not hard to remember.... just hard to find. The lodge has some kind of effed up numbering system! I find 221... next to it 217 I turn in a circle.... no 222. Shit.

GB is gone and I am standing in the hallway lost. Maybe I should have let him walk me to my room..... But lets face it I like to keep my secrets. I pull out the Blackberry and call Girlfriend who I was supposed to call to let me in the room anyway since I had given her my key hours earlier.

Girlfriend: "Hello?"

Me giggling: "I can't find the room!"

Girlfriend: "222."

Me: "I know I'm in front of 221, I don't see 222."

I hear a door open and GirlFriend pokes her head out laughing despite the early hour, "Get your drunk ass in here."

I stumble in, "Have you seen BB (bridesbrother/girlfriends bff who is sharing the room with us and Punk-Rock-Chick)?"

Me: "No."

GirlFriend giving me a look, "It's 4:30 where have you been?"

Me sliding on my PJ's, "Out on the dock......"

Hey it wasn't a lie.

To be continued

"He was like the flesh and blood equivalent of a DKNY dress: you know it's not your style but it's right there, so you try it on anyway."
~ Carrie, SATC ~


Habbala said...

Hi! I found you through 20sb, and I am in the same boat as you, just got out of a 3 year relationship and moving to a brand new place next week. I will definitely be following you :)

Date Girl said...

Hahah, if I were single I don't know if I would have been as good as you were! I probably would have gone with GB. Good girl for having some sense! ;-)