Friday, July 24, 2009

The Assistant

A few weeks ago my office decided to participate in a program thru the local high school where you hire a high school student to work part time during the summer break.

The young girl comes in and during the interview process I hear my boss tell her that she will my assistant.... My assistant? I have never had an assistant so I'll be honest I was a little excited. But then I was struck with the thought that some days I'm really not that busy..... Oh well heck I'll have an assistant for a few months. Cool.

At least that was my initial thought.

Weeks later I am ready to kill her! And I am not a violent person.

It started when I came in last week to find a virus on my computer. I had been at the other office and had given her a stack of work and told her she could use my computer versus the one that is back in the windowless office that I like to think of as the dungeon. I thought I was being nice.

I am semi-ok when it comes to computers and I am able to quarantine the virus, get it removed and then get things back to normal. I give her severe warning about using caution when accessing the internet - No Myspace, don't download anything, etc. But yet I am to nice and try to do this in a non-accusing nice manner.

So this past weekend... she works on Saturdays. All she has to do is answer the phone. NOT HARD!! I come into work Monday morning and my monitor has a blue sticky note on it...... that reads:

To E, I was listening to music on you tube and a virus poppped up.

I ball the sticky up and while biting my tounge toss it into the wastebasket as I press the power button. Now I have used You Tube a fair share and I have yet to get a virus from it, but ok say that is what happened.

The computer boots up and it may as well be a ship that is under fire and sinking fast. Viruses are everywhere and multipling it seems by the minute. Of course they have locked down my anti-virus program so I'm on my own in the battle.

Windows Security Suite.... is on the desk top. I have a feeling it is not what it appears to be. I go the dungeon and google it. Yep it's a parasite. I work on the computer for 2 hours before throwing up my hands and giving up. I unplug everything, put the computer tower in the 4runner and head cross town to the computer guy.

2 days and 75 dollars later I have the computer back. The assistant (I now use the term loosely) is still alive. I was as nice as I could be about the situation. I banished her to the dungeon and as punishment gave her stuff to keep her busy so that she could get no viruses on that computer as well. I STRESS to her no myspace!! Nothing but company related websites.

I leave her to work and head back to my desk. A short time later I head back to the dungeon to give her something I had forgotten about. When I enter I notice her hit the minimize button on the browser rather quickly. I approach the desk and review the items on the contract with her. She nods but I can tell she is not really listening. Curiously my eyes glance up to the screen. And there in the minimized tray.... Myspace.

Hello?? I point to and lightheartedly say "NO MYSPACE." She says sorry. I leave.

But really I understand she is young but total lack of respect here! And I mean if I knew I had done something that cost $75 to fix I would be extremely careful. Why are some younger generations just so lax? I need to get mean!

"Of course I believe in evil -- I work in real estate."
~ Edie, Desperate Housewives ~

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Date Girl said...

OH my god I would have KILLED her!! You were way too nice. You should report her to your boss. What a little turd!

Oh, and by the by, feel free to email me anytime for computer help. I'm a techie, and that Windows Security thing is no picnic. You can see if maybe your company has software that can block her internet access to certain sites. That or get her fired. ;-) You know, either one.