Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Betty Confidential

From time to time I will get an email on my anonymous, highly covert GMail account that I set up strictly for this blog. And sometimes lets face it the message is nothing but spam. Even though by this point just seeing the new message icon has made me hide under the desk peeking out thinking that my secret identity has been blown and the message is really from someone eager to expose the inside dialogue of my life (cause you know its really that interesting).

So today I randomly check the good ol GMail and I have a new message. I open it to find it appears to be from a nice lady over @ bettyconfidential.com saying they love my blog! I almost delete the message considering it to be another spam mail..... but ok it's nice to be loved (yeah they compliment me off the bat and I'm suckered in) so I continue to read. After the praise she goes into telling me about the website, their target readers, etc. Then the last paragraph.... "We often post interesting entries from our favorite blogs as one of our “Daily Dish” articles, or suggest blogs to our readers in articles that have related themes. We would be interested in forming a relationship with your blog and sending our readers your way."

Hmmm I'm still thinking this is to good to be true. I mean as an aspiring writer this sounds pretty good. The mouse lingers over delete but before I can press the button I change my mind. I slide the mouse down and click the link.

The front page pops up. It's eye appealing (shaking my head as I study the page critically). Good use of colors, pictures, and headlines. After browsing the site a moment I got to business and head to the blog section and randomly picked a post by Carrie Seim about Facebook romance - because lets face it at one point or another we all have been involved (or hoped for) a little Facebook Romance. I mean come on just admit it.

I continue to read some of Carrie's posts and come to one where she has the courage to order a product (for professional purposes of course ~ and we all know I get embarrassed easy so just check out the link if your curious). By the end of the post I am cracking up laughing cause I could so see myself or one of my friends going thru this (that is if I had the courage to order it in the first place).

So the conclusion....

Maybe it was junk mail maybe they don't really love me or my blog. OR maybe they do. Either way I will definitely have to go back and visit Carrie's blog again (and no they are not paying me to say that ~ But would be nice seeing as I've been eyeing a $100 pair of leg boots for Horse).

"It's a check from our publishers. They sold my book in Paris. It's an advance from France!"
~ Carrie, Sex And The City ~

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