Friday, July 17, 2009

In The Beginning

In the beginning it's all butterflies and bliss; Smiles are abundant and time seems to drag by till the next time you get to speak to your new found interest....... I forgot how great the beginning of a new romance could.

It has been two weeks since Marine2 arrived unexpectedly at the horse show. I have seen him the past two weekends but will not see him again till the first weekend in August.

Yet everynight around the same time he calls and I lay in bed laughing and talking to him for hours. Till the point I don't want to get off the phone but know that I have to go to bed.

I am reminded of High School. Remember? Right around the time you turn 15 and you get a boyfriend. But neither of you can drive so you can't really "go out" - all you can do is talk on the phone. Yeah that is us.

This will be my first attempt at a long distance what-ever-you-call-it (Not sure I'm quite ready to label it relationship). So far so good. But what happens when we run out of stuff to talk about? What happens when the 2 hour conversations turn into 10 minute conversations that are then followed by silence? IS this only working for us because it's new? I hope not because I really do like him.

I know that some of you (my blog friends) are currently in long distance relationships and I would love to hear some tips/advice/pointers....... anything about how you make it work.

Come on don't be shy!


Unwritten said...

The best part about being in a long distance relationship was all the things you learn about each other. You spend a lot of time talking about EVERYTHING.
I forgot how great those butterflies can feel.

Date Girl said...

I'm so happy for you! I've had long distance relationships in the past, and I would say the big breakdown of the relationships happened when we didn't make plans for the next visit. Having a point in time to focus on and look forward to is motivating. Also, definitely communicating. But maybe as it gets further along and not so "new", try to set time once or twice a week for the long talks, and then do shorter convos during the week. Sort of a phone date Friday type deal. And care packages are fun too! Lil things, maybe a candle that smells like you for his nightstand, etc. So excited to hear more about this guy!!

jwriter said...

Just enjoy