Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's Not The Destination That Holds A Thrill For Me ~ It's The Ride

First and foremost I have decided to rename Marine2 ---- I named him this months before when we were just friends ~ I named him this because I have two marine friends so I just numbered them. Now I feel as if the 2 is saying he is in 2nd place, silly yes, but from this point forward let's just call him Marine.

The countdown has begun!! Only 3 more days! He will be home for the weekend! I can't wait! We have so much planned and not near enough time for it all.

I think I have mentioned it before (maybe?) but I am moving in with Vixen. I have had some reservations about the move, in that you hear sssssssssssooooooooooooo many horror stories about friends that live together and then it goes bad. But I have put the fears behind and have started moving boxes.

I even took off work Thursday so my new bed.... correction new mattress set and frame ~ hey I am a broke single girl who can't really afford a bed but had to have one and really what is the purpose of a headboard? ~ Any way so the mattress is being delivered Thursday. I was even able to talk Giggles into helping me move the last of my stuff.

So Friday night will be the first night I will officially stay in my new room on my new bed. And what better way to celebrate than with my new Marine? I am very much looking forward to him coming and staying this weekend, but I know that Sunday will come all to soon.

In other exciting news he asked me to the Marine Ball..... which is not till November..... this excited and scared me all at the same time. Excited: because I'm glad he is thinking we will make it to November and I think it will be fun to go to and I'm happy that things are going so well. Scared: in that we are talking future (even if just a few months) and what if I get my hopes up and this whole thing blows up in my face?

I know, I know its a chance I have to take. I refuse to punish Marine for past mistakes by others but yet that doesn't mean that I'm not still a little gun shy. I mean that is the point of learning from your mistakes.... right? You learn so as not to make the same ones again, therefor you proceed with caution...... (throwing up of hands) who knows. Let's just enjoy the ride!

It's not the destination that holds
A thrill for me
It's the ride.........
It's the ride.........
It's the ride.........
Oh it's the ride

Two hearts in one bed
Three words that have never been said
We got lots of time
It's takes a lot of tears to find love
The kind of love you can be proud of
That suits me just fine
I don't care where we're goin'
And I don't care where we've been
It's not about who's right or wrong
Who loses or who wins

It's the ride.........
It's the ride.........
It's the ride.........
Oh it's the ride
~ Sugarland, The Ride ~


Date Girl said...

Ok first that made me smile about the mattress. I still have yet to own a grown up headboard. And really the only thing good about it is attaching handcuffs to it. Hheehehe. Second, that is so exciting that Marine is coming into town!!! Very excited for you and the Marine Ball. You get to wear a fancy dress and everything! :-) I'm glad you've put aside your fears, you're right-it's about the ride.

phoebe said...

hahaha. headboard shmeadboard. lol.

yay about marine!! i'm so excited for you. so i don't know why it hasn't dawned on me before, but the boy was a marine. haha. when you mentioned marine ball, i was like, oh yeah, dur! that's exciting stuff :-) i'm so happy for you!!!