Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Let's Think About This

Many things are running thru my head but getting them out well that is where I run into a problem.

I like this boy. I mean I really, really, can't-stop-smiling, like this boy. But then again I'll admit I'm a little scared.

He called last night and we talked for two hours. He is easy to talk to and we have so much in common.

The con is: he is based 8 hours away.

The pro is: he is based 8 hours away.

Yes you read that right. I can see the 8 hour distance as a pro as well as a con. The pro in that I'm still not really ready for anything serious and the distance kinda helps keep the pressure off. At the same time its a con cause I do like him and would like to hang out with him more.

The original plan was that he would not be back down till Labor Day. Last night he said he was going to try to come down the 1st weekend in August and he kinda implied that if things kept going good between us he would try to come down at least one weekend a month.

I can't stop smiling.... I forgot how much fun it can be having a crush!

But I'm not getting my hopes up....


Date Girl said...

"Not getting your hopes up" Girl please! Hehe, I can practically see you grinning through the blog. It's ok to be excited and giddy.

The funny thing is, at least in my experience, long distance has always made things more serious. I guess it's because I've had guys give me that, "are you seeing anyone else" bit, and then I've had to say I wasn't. When I'm seeing just one person, to me it's serious, and added that extra element. Not sure if you guys have had that talk yet though, still a little early right?

Good luck with everything, and can I just say I think it's so cool that you guys have horses around that you ride places? In that last blog you mentioned how Marine2 had a horse as well, and it just gave me this very cool mental picture of all your friends hanging out on horseback. Sounds very old fashioned and romantic to me! :-)

jwriter said...

Just enjoy and get to know him. Be honest about what you want and don't waste each others time.

phoebe said...

seeing as i'm in the afore mentioned ld relationship. it certainly does have it's pros... but like you said... it does have it's cons... take it one day at a time and see where it goes... i'm so happy for you. i really am.