Friday, July 31, 2009

This and That

Yesterday I spent the day moving!! At 7:00 I sprang (ok maybe I didn't spring maybe it was more like slide out thinking 'can this really not wait a few more hours?) out of bed and started loading the 4runner. Have I mentioned I hate moving? And not just moving packing! I don't mind unpacking but I have come to the conclusion I hate packing!

Giggles meets me and we fill up her car as well and head to Vixen's. As we unload it starts to rain. And not just nice little summer shower, I'm talking about bottom fell out torrential down pour!! Giggles and I decide to take a lunch break as we wait for the rain to cease..... You know cause I'm positive and think it actually will. Shake of head. Nope, no such luck!

Giggles talks me into making a Target run in the meantime. Which I need a few things for the new living quarters, in particular a corner shower stand thing.

The rain continues. The mattress delivery was supposed to take place between 2 and 5 (supposed to being the key word here). No time left for another run for more stuff so I start cleaning and unpacking the boxes I have already moved over. I get alot done but the clock slowly creeps to 4. I was told they would call 30 minutes prior to delivery. I call. "Oh they should have been there hours ago..." is the response I get. Great. I see my weekend stay with Marine vanishing like a bubble being popped. The guy gives me a number to call. I call it and am told I am the next stop (the bubble starts to reappear). 30 minutes, they say.

I wait and I wait and I wait..... Nearly an hour and a half goes by. I am about to give up when the dogs start barking announcing the arrival of the large delivery truck! YEA!!!!!!!!

Better late than never!

So after the delivery I went for another round of boxes, determined to get it all done in one day. And stayed up till nearly midnight unpacking. And I am proud to say it looks pretty good (will post pics). I mean I don't have alot of furniture and things I do have are hand-me-downs but beggars can't be choosers!

So I am really excited about Marine coming home this weekend! But still keeping my fingers crossed, cause things can change at any time and he may not be able to. This morning he thought he may have to stay on base and do a training tomorrow but then he texted and said never mind. So as of now he is coming (still fingers crossed!)

Slow at work I decide to look at dresses for the Marine Ball. I was told formal, like prom dresses. I'm just looking for ideas and I stumble upon the cutest dress!! It may not be formal enough but heck I about just want to buy it to wear around and feel pretty! lol I mean really... how cute is that! It just makes you want to twirl! And I like the shoes but my legs are way to short for anything that laces up like that.
So I am looking forward to being roomies with Vixen.... this is my first roommate situation but I think it will be good. Only time will tell. But so far I gotta good feeling.
Tonight we are all getting together to have diner at the house (Vixen, Her new bo, Blondie and BF, Hollywood, Barrel Racer Friend and I think Vivi may be coming). I'm looking forward to it! Marine will be there when he gets in but I have a feeling it will be closer to midnight before he arrives. So excited!!!!
Have a great weekend everybody!

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Date Girl said...

Wow, your first roommate situation! I think you'll have fun. I've had so many roommates, it's crazy. I think the key is talking things out. Since you and Vixen are good friends, that shouldn't be hard to do.

And I love that dress, that would be perfect for a military ball. I've been to one, and they are fancy, but basically like prom, except with boring speeches and officers. ;-)