Monday, July 13, 2009

We Went Out Last Night

Friday work seemed to drag by... I mean I was busy. My desk was overflowing with projects that needed to be finalized, I had a ribbon cutting to attend at 11 (wow sounded like Vivi right then), and literally a million and one things I had to get done before the weekend..... Which is why I came in early so that I could leave early!

With one eye on the clock all day the minutes seemed to drag by.

When 4:30 rolled around my computer was already off and I was half way out the door.

I met Hollywood thru my stuff in her Honda and we were off! Gotta love road trips and blasting out to the random stuff that can be found on my ipod. Every couple of hours Marine2 would call to check on our progress and make sure we were ok.

This small simple gesture meant so much to me. The fact that he wasn't out at a bar drinking while waiting on us spoke a lot to me.

After getting stuck in traffic and taking a slight detour (detour just sounds better than getting lost) we arrived at the hotel a little after 2 a.m. The guys had already checked in and were waiting on us. We sat up and chatted for about an hour then I was out.

The next morning after breakfast at Chick-fil-a (I mean who can resist those wonderful mini's!) we were off to visit the base. After a quick tour we headed to the beach.

Awe!! Toes in the sad = excellent!! The day was hot though and and it didn't take long for us to hit the water. The water was cold at first as I plunged in. But soon my body adapted and the warm sun helped to make it just right.

Before long Hollywood and Marine Buddy headed back for the sand and Marine2 and I remained letting the waves crash around us. He took my hand and pulled me close holding me in an embrace as we floated. There in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean the conversation came up. The one I knew would eventually but also one that I wasn't sure I was ready for..... What are we doing? And where is this going?

I laid it all on the line. I told him I liked him but that I wasn't sure I was really ready for anything serious. He to was honest and said that he had vowed not to have a relationship until he got out of the Marines. But then we both agreed that we could actually see this working. Mainly because I have my own life. On weekends I stay so busy with horse shows it won't be as hard not getting to see him. I mean it will be hard but not like I'm sitting at home mopping I guess.

He said he didn't want to date anyone else and I told him I haven't met anyone else I am interested in dating either. We said we were free to date other people but had to give the other a heads up first. But that neither one of us could really see that happening.
So when I stepped into the ocean I was a single girl with a huge crush and when I got out I had somehow found myself in........ a semi-relationship? Shake of head.

We sit in the sand for a bit but then hunger takes over so we head down the beach in search of food. A blue building with a large crab reading Crabby Mikes draws us in. The food was good but the company was better. Marine Buddy and Hollywood had decided to share a combination of shrimp and fried oysters. I admit I have never tried oysters before so the two encourage me to try them. Marine2 tells me I'm not going to like it. I refuse to admit he knows me well enough yet to know what I will like or dislike so almost wanting to prove him wrong I take it and put in my mouth. And chew. Ew Ew Ew!!! Squishy and...... Yuck! I swallow it..... apparently with a God awful look on my face. Which earned me an "I told you so". Damn ~ point to him, I guess.

After lunch we headed back to the hotel to shower and get ready for the evening ahead. But lets face it we had been out on the beach in the hot sun all day. After which a nap is always needed. So while one person showered the rest of us napped and revolved in shifts.
The game plan was to go to a sports bar right by the hotel and watch the UFC fight with a bunch of their marine friends. The fight didn't start till 10 so Marine2 suggest we return to base and watch a movie at the theater.

A quick call though tells us the movie started early and we have missed it....... ok so we pile in the Honda and head to the nearby theater at the mall. Now Marine2 has already warned me there isn't much to do in this military town. As we approached the theater I could tell this must be true. Every movie for 7:30 was sold out. Even the bad ones you know that no one really wants to see.

So we decide to go ahead and grab a bite to eat. We head to a Mexican restaurant that they claim to be good.

After we returned to the sports bar. Still a little over an hour before the fight is to start the place is packed with a line waiting out the door. We laugh and just turn around and Marine Buddy pulls out his phone. We had been invited to one of their friends house to watch the fight also. So the group that was going to the sports bar changed route and headed to the friends house.

There were about 10 marine guys total along with some girlfriends and significant others. All seemed so different and some perhaps would have not been friends given another time or place but the bond that these guys had awed me. All had went to Iraq together and had a deeper relationship than even I could have anticipated. They were all great guys and welcomed Hollywood and myself with open arms as if we were already friends, not strangers they had met only minutes before.

It was a great night and one of the funnest I have had in awhile. After the fight to much beer had been consumed to drive so we called a cab and headed back for the hotel. Someone had the great idea (not really sure who... but I suspect Hollywood) that we go to the sports bar, which was now clearing out, and have a shot. I was at the happy place. Not drunk, yet not sober. A good buzz. We approached the bar and Hollywood ordered a round of lemon drops, no, no, no! After lemon drop night no way!! Uh huh not doing one. So I tell the bartender I want a shot of Jack instead. Maybe not my brightest moment but definitely better than doing a lemon shot.

We hold our glasses in a cheers as we ask someone to take our picture. Then with a cheers its down the hatch. Been awhile since I've done Jack (ordered for Vivi who I miss and did a toast to before turning it up). As it hit my stomach I felt myself go over the edge. I waved goodbye to the buzzed me and crossed the bridge to tipsy-ville. And my stomach tells me the shot was not such a good idea.
< br />And right before I take the shot Vixen (my mood ring) calls and knows exactly what I'm doing. I swear we have esp sometimes. I missed her and wished she would have come but believe it or not she has actually met her own crush.

I'm tired, its been a long couple of weeks. As Marine Buddy and Hollywood order another shot Marine2 asks if I'm ready to go back to the hotel. I nod. So hand in hand we bid the other two ado (who really didn't seem to mind we were leaving) and headed back to the hotel.

We lay there in the dark talking and maybe it was the beer that gave us the courage. But next thing I know he's saying that he really does like me, etc. And the next thing I know we agree that we are definitely just going to date each other.

And for those wondering no we did not hook up. He is very much a gentleman. I think this really has the possibility of turning into something and I want to take it slow. But let's be honest Sunday I really was not ready to leave!!
Funny Quotes From The Weekend

After being in the car forever!! It is after 1am and we are still driving
E, "We're getting close I think I see a plam tree!!"
Driving closer and both of us looking up out the windshield.
Hollywood, "Nope sick pine tree."
Vixen, "Ok your never allowed to go anywhere without me again! You leave, you get drunk, and you come home with a boyfriend."
Hollywood on the way there, "So you nervous."
E, "No."
Hollywood, "Really?"
E, "Well I wasn't till you asked! Now you got me wondering if I should be."
moment of silence
E, "You nervous?"
Hollywood, "No why would I be?..... Ok maybe just a little bit."
Marine2, "Just me and you."

Samantha, "He did something to me that was so perverse! Okay, I'm just going to say it. He tried to hold my hand."
Carrie, "You mean to tell me that Smith is a hand-holder? And to think he once served us food."
~ Sex & The City ~


phoebe said...

awww. that sounds so great!! yay. congrats!! i guess the saying is true... when you stop looking... and when you least expect it :-)

E said...

Phoebe I think you are right :)