Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Did We Miss The Boat?

Tonight Vixen and I decided to tackle the spare room which we have decided to make into an office/scrapbook/whatever room. So we cleaned and rearranged the desk and bookcases making room so we could combine our stuff in hopes of making it look at least half organized.

"32 days till your 27!" She exclaims during a lull in the conversation.

Yes, for the past 2 months I get a daily message telling me how many days I have left till I get yet closer to 30 and further away from 20. This then put us on the topic of conversation of "where" we are at in life.

Mind you we have been best friends since we were about 15. At 15 neither of us expected us to be living together at the age of 26 but then again we have both always said we gotta stick together, because really who else would put up with us.

"Please stop saying that. I thought we agreed this would be 26 round two," I laugh.

She laughs and for a moment we continue in silence.

"Really though, this is not where I thought I would be at in life at 27," I say. "I mean I'm getting closer to 30 and Marine is still closer to 20 (side note ~ if I haven't mentioned it Marine is 4 years younger than me). Am I crazy? I mean I would like to have kids at least by my early 30's. It's to soon to have that conversation with him. But I mean what if I'm just wasting my time. I'm not getting any younger. The age difference hasn't bothered me. But that's the only part that kinda gets me. He has time. I feel like I don't. If its not going to work I don't want to waste my time..... Does that make sense?"

"Yeah it does. But you gotta remember Marine doesn't act his age."

"I know but think about it how many guys our age or older that are single would you want to date..... besides VB of course ~ he is a rare exception."

She makes a face as she thinks, "None."

"Exactly its like we have to go younger. I mean that way we can at least mold them to the way we want them." I joke as I feed another piece of paper thru the shredder.

"Your right I mean are we supposed to settle? It's like time is running out. I don't want kids but I don't want to get 40 and think that I never had the option at least."

"We sound like a Sex and the City episode."

Vixon continues to dust, "Yeah. But seriously are we at the age that its time to settle? Or do we keeping looking for that mythical soul mate that probably doesn't exist?"

"I don't think we should settle.... I don't think we are settling. But is that why we're still single? OR correction were single. Did others settle or are we just the only ones that didn't seem to get a map?"

I always planned to age gracefully. Thinking that people who dreaded getting old were ridiculous, I mean its going to happen if your ready or not. But now I see their point. There is so much more in life I would have liked to achieved by now. Such as a great job that pertains to my degree, I mean sounds simple but in this economy I'm just happy to have a job. Are we ever really happy with where we are in life? Or is it human nature to always want just a bit more?

Carrie, "Whatever happened to aging gracefully?"
Miranda, "It got old."
~ Sex And The City ~


Date Girl said...

Ohhh our bdays are close; mine is next month. I'm with you- I thought I'd be in a different place by now. Engaged or married, own my first house, etc. But life is never the way we plan it is it? Still, I'm happy in this spot, and I can tell you are too. Don't think too much about Marine and worry that you're wasting your time. Just listen to your gut, you'll know if its not right for you. Match is younger than me too, but he's an old soul. Sounds like Marine just might be too!

E said...

Awe thanks for the great comments ~ Thats funny Match is younger... I'm finding out several of my blog friends date younger guys! Makes me feel better I'm not alone :) lol