Friday, August 21, 2009

I Heart You

It's Saturday and I'm at the house getting ready for the horse show. The radio is on blaring upbeat tunes that will pump me up and help get the adrenaline ready to go run. I'm pulling my hair up in a pony tail as there is a bang on my door. Before I can respond the door swings open frantically and in rushes Vixen who quickly slams the door behind her before falling on my bed. Her face is red and I can tell she is frazzled......

Now I will tell the story from Vixen's point of view

2 minutes prior......

I like this boy. I genuinely like this boy, I think as I hug VB bye. I'm not thinking. It's a habit really, "Bye I love you." As the words leave my mouth they register with my brain and I freeze. Oh my ga.. Oh my ga... maybe he didn't hear me. I close my eyes. But oh no he heard. He pulls me aways and holds me at arms length. He has a surprised look on his face. "I didn't mean!" I say flustered, "It came out. I'm so used to telling mom and dad bye and all my friends say it.... and..." I shake my head.

He laughs. I don't. I AM mortified. Before he can close the front door behind him I am tearing down the stairs at a full run. I hear music so I know E hasn't left yet. I barge thru her door.... did I knock? Who knows I mean I just told VB I loved him for fucks sake. Thank god she was dressed. I throw myself on the bed as she turns to look at me quizzically her hands busy pulling her hair up.

"Oh my ga! Oh my ga! OH MY GA!!! You will not believe what I just did."

"What," E asks a smile spreading across her face.

"I told VB I love him."


I nod my head, "Yep. But it was an accident I didn't mean to. It slipped out. Habit. Bye I love you. I mean I say to mom, dad, sis, you, Blondie...... I mean really why do we as friends always have to say I love you????!!! Because this is what it causes! You get so used to saying it every time you say bye that you... well.... slip up and it just comes out!" I rush never pausing for breath.

E stares back at me. I can tell she is trying not to laugh. "So do you?"

"Do I what?"

"Love him?"

"No," I shake my head, "No of course not. I mean its way to soon. Besides I don't fall in love. You know me......... Ok maybe I really like him. I heart him..... That's it ~ I heart him...... Which is close to love but not quite there."

"I'm sorry but that is to funny." She bursts into laughter, "I would have paid money to see the look on your face, or his!"

I can't help it. I laugh to. "I am never telling you I love you again!" I exclaim as I get up to leave.

As I exit the room she calls after me between giggles, "Bye I love you sweet cheeks!"

"I hate you!"

Robin, "You know what? You gave it away too early. You're an "I love you" slut."

Ted, "Yeah, well you're an "I love you" prude. You know what? I'm taking mine back."

Robin, "You can't do that!"

~ How I Met Your Mother ~


Date Girl said...

I love that quote from How I Met Your Mother, so perfect for this entry! Poor Vixen. I had a buddy who did that to me on the phone, he was all, "ok, love you bye." So now whenever we talk I tease him and say, "Ok, love you bye!" :-) She'll survive the I love you incident, but I definitely think you should tease her for awhile!

E said...

Oh I plan on teasing her for awhile!! lol I try to make a joke daily, if possible! :)