Monday, August 3, 2009

Keeps Getting Better

Marine arrived at the house shortly after midnight. I stood on the front porch with Blondie's BF and VB as I saw the car lights turning into the driveway. I mustered all the self control I had to not go running like the true idiot I can be. Instead I just walked rather quickly to the car. I reached the car as he was getting out. Like a cheesy romantic comedy (cause lets face it no matter what my life seems to always be part comedy) our eyes locked and the rest of the world seemed to disappear. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me up into a hug and spun me around. I hugged him tight our cheeks pressed together, my chin resting lightly on his shoulder as he spoke into my hair.

I was aware of the presence of VB and Blondie's BF behind us finally having also made their way down the driveway. He lowered me but intertwined his fingers thru mine as he extended his other to shake hands with both guys. We made our way to the house where Blondie and Vixen greeted him (the others had left a few hours before, as we get older our get togethers seem to end earlier and earlier). VB mixed Marine a drink and we all sat on the porch visiting in the cool summer night. He was here! Actually here and I didn't want to let go of him for fear he would *poof* disappear. He must have felt the same way as he slipped an arm around my waist. We stayed on the porch visiting about 30 minutes before everyone said they were ready for bed.

Marine and I headed down the stairs to my new room. We brushed our teeth and he told me bout the 8 drive while I washed my face.
Things are just so comfortable. Blondie asked if I was nervous about him coming to spend the weekend with me and with all honesty I could tell her no. Like he said one night on the phone, since we are long distance all we can do is talk therefor we seem to know a lot more about each other. More so than if he was living close by and we were just going out on dates. Because yes we would talk but probably not as much as we have been.
Perfect! That is really the only way to describe the weekend.
Saturday morning we woke up about 7:30 (and I admit like a kid on Christmas morning I was to excited to go back to sleep) we laid in bed another hour then headed upstairs. I opened the fridge and retrieved the carton of eggs and there in the kitchen in our pajama's we cracked eggs in preparation of making breakfast for everyone. We talked and laughed as I placed the biscuits on the cookie sheet and he mixed salt and pepper into the eggs. Thirty minutes later the two of us were joined by Vixen and VB. The four of us sat on the front porch and enjoyed our simple breakfast of scrambled eggs and biscuits.

After breakfast Marine and I quickly got ready and left the house trying to fit in all that we had planned for the day. First we stopped and picked up his German Shepard and then headed to a near by state park. We live in such a beautiful area with so many natural wonders that don't take the time to enjoy. So Marine and I have decided each time he comes home we are going to try and visit a different place. For this weekend we decided to hike at the national park up to the waterfalls.

It was hot, humid, and let's try to pretend that I didn't sweat but instead glistened. Reality --> I was sweating like a whore in church it was so hot. Other than that though it was a blast!! So much fun and oh so beautiful! It was a beautiful summer day, the sun shinning overhead and an occasional cool breeze blowing thru just to tease us.

Upon leaving the park we stopped to grab a quick late lunch and headed to the house to shower and get ready for the evening. I had Punk-Rock-Chick's lingerie shower/brown bag party to attend at 6. Then after that diner with the family.

We ended up taking a little to much time for personal matters which left us running late and me applying makeup in the car (something I have surprisingly never done before I don't think). We pulled into the apartment complex right at 6 with a quick kiss I bail out of the car as he calls for me to have fun and he'll be back in an hour.

I walk in and quickly hug and greet Blondie, Punk-Rock-Chick, Alice, Hollywood, and Babbles.

"You colored!" Hollywood exclaims.
"What?" I look at her surprised.
"She so colored!" Blondie says as if I'm not standing there.

"You are glowing! I mean look at your smile. You are the worst liar ever!!" Babbles laughs.

Alice giggles getting to the point, "So did you color outside the lines?"

"Come on dish!" Punk-Rock-Chick plops down in a chair.

"She is so falling for this guy!"

"Yep she has that bitten by the love bug look."

The statements have all come at once, overlapping and now all eyes are on me. They all grow silent waiting for me to respond. But like lions playing with their food before they eat it. I can't deny it.. So I laugh. "ok ok maybe I colored!"

The room erupts in laughs and I knew it's. I'm hoping that I can be out of the spotlight but as the brown bag (aka adult toy) party starts I realize that I will be the brunt of the jokes for the night. Oh yes each product or item gets a comment and a laugh from the peanut gallery. My face turns red but I still laugh.

I had excused myself to go to the bathroom and I hear a knock on the door. Marine has arrived to pick me up and has probably called my phone which was abandoned on the kitchen table after being put on silent...... oh well he deserves to be embarrassed to. I come into the room to all my friends talking to him. The ones that know him introducing him to the ones that don't. I give Punk-Rock-Chick a hug and go to leave. He turns his back and all my friends start giving me signals (thumbs up, huge smiles, etc) to display their approval.

Once in the car:

Marine, "So have fun."
Me with a laugh, "Yeah."
Marine, "What do you have in your hand?"

Did I forget to mention I won the games? (I stress gamessss) Not one but two. Both games I won. And as the winner I received "prizes". At which all my friends shriek and jeer about saying that I can use them this weekend.

Oh yeah. Maybe one day I will not get embarrassed quite so easily.......... but I doubt that will be anytime soon.

Story to Be Continued

Robin, "I still say this is stupid. What happened to, "As we mature, the relationship matures with us?""
Marshall, "That's just something Lily read in Psychology Today. Alright, she read it in Cosmo. Alright, I read it in Cosmo. Alright, it was CosmoGirl!"
~ How I Met Your Mother ~


phoebe said...

omg. i love this! i smiled the entire time reading this. i'm so more than happy for you!! thank goodness i've seen sitc or i wouldn't have gotten the reference. lol lol. can't wait to hear the rest!

isn't it great to be able to do local stuff that you'd never normally do? the boy and i do that. both here and in ohio. it's such a great way to see it all and enjoy where you live (and who you're with!)

Date Girl said...

AHHHHHHHHH you colored!!! That's so awesome. :-) And the party could not have come at a better time, hehehe. I can't wait to hear the rest.

Oh, and I feel you on the sweating when hiking thing. Two weeks into dating Match, we went to Santa Cruz where we hiked in 103 degrees weather. I was definitely a whore in church. Especially since later that day we "colored" for the first time, in a the middle of the DAY!!! AHHHH. :-)

phoebe said...

oh how i heart you gals... i read your blogs and your comments and instantly smile!

jwriter said...

Coloring LOL