Monday, August 17, 2009

My Horse, My Equal

Ah the life of a klutz! Never a dull moment to say the least. But really could I just get hurt/injured in a normal way? I mean I do all kinds of dangerous/stupid stuff! I have a two year old horse I'm breaking to ride for crying out loud. Thank goodness my Guardian Angel is looking out then. But apparently she feels like when I'm doing mundane things she can go on coffee break..... and that my friends is when the klutz side takes form and I get hurt.

As a recap in the past few months I have:

Broke a bone in my mouth and dislodged a front tooth resulting in braces and who knows what else. Still in braces at this point.

Horse and I have fallen sideways in which she landed on my leg. Both of us were ok though. Apparently we were just proving a point that the dirt was to deep in the arena.

And those are just the major events. Don't get me started on the little bruises, etc. My mom has threatened to buy me hockey pads and make me wear them around on a daily basis.

Well Saturday I was getting ready for the show. I had just finished giving horse a hair cut. I go climb up on the step stool to unplug the extension cord. I have a million and one things going thru my mind. I turn and instead of climbing down the step ladder (you know the small ones that are a few feet high), I turn and step off. My right foot going down first. Simple. I've done it before. As my right foot makes contact with the ground my ankle twists up under me and I crash to the concrete scraping my left leg up in the process. I am frozen in fear that my ankle is broken. I sit on the edge of the concrete trying to breath calmly. Horse has stepped forward in the cross ties and is peering down the hall at me as if trying to figure out why I have abandoned her.

I don't cry but I heard the pop. I am afraid my ankle is broken. So I sit a moment trying to remain calm. A few seconds pass, I wiggle my toes. Good. A few more seconds, I move my ankle. Great! Still hurting... I stand up and walk a minute on it. It hurts and is already swelling. I put Horse back in her stall and head for the house. I put ice on my ankle and pop some ibuprofen. I'm not unfamiliar to sprains ~ my right ankle is weak from an old basketball injury anyway.

Yep I'm a klutz. Now this is when one of my friends calls and says "So you can't show today."

Nope I went to the show. For points purposes I had to be there and participate. Winning was not as important as my being entered.

The irony came Sunday when I went to give Horse a bath (we didn't get home from the show till 4:30 a.m. so she did not get a bath till later that afternoon). Vixen always says that Horse and I are to much alike ~ mainly because I have allergies and so does she. Both of us were sneezing up a storm Saturday. So Sunday I am bathing her and her right ankle is swollen..... I rack my brain trying to think when this could have happened. Nope I got nothing. She even had on protective boots..... she isn't favoring it or anything but nonetheless it is swollen. So I ice her down and then doctor on her as well. Maybe we really are just alike.

I've spent most of my life riding horses. The rest I've just wasted.
~ Author Unknown ~


phoebe said...

i hope you feel better!!

Date Girl said...

This cracked me up. I'm a complete klutz too! And its funny you should mention that you ans Horse are alike. My dog is as big a klutz as me. He's always tearing ass up our stairs and then tripping over himself and falling down. He always tries to walk away all quick like nothing happened, just like I do. :-)