Thursday, August 6, 2009

Marine Weekend Part 2

Saturday after the shower/party Marine and I headed to eat Hibachi with his family (mom, step-dad, sister, and step-brother). His family is great (which I already knew this)!! I'm not sure I have ever laughed so hard as funny stories were told. It went wonderful and any nerves I had quickly faded!

After diner his brother and his brothers girlfriend accompanied us to meet up with Vixen and VB for a few games of bowling. Lesson of the night: I bowl better after a few beers. No joke. The first game I think I came in dead last out of the six of us. The second game though I made quite the comeback even at one point getting a strike!

It was so much fun and Vixon and Marine seemed to hit it off. Breathe huge sigh of relief because I'm crazy about him but I really wanted her to like him as well. -----> At the end of the weekend all my friends told me that he's a keeper and that they liked him.

Vixen, VB, Marine and myself arrived home a little after midnight. Marine and I are both yawning and ready to go to bed. VB suggests a game of beer pong before bed. We exchange a look and Marine shrugs his shoulders. One game. We play one game..... and we lose...... Best 2 out of 3, they say. At this point neither of us wants to waste what few hours we have left playing Beer Pong but the cups are racked up anyway.

At one point we are in the lead. Marine shoots and misses terribly as he turns to me.... he winks. Ahhh I get it. I shoot and miss but mine doesn't look quite as obvious as his bad shot did. VB gets the game plan in that if we lose the game is over, if we win we will have to play one more game. After about 5 minutes of us just throwing the ping pong balls at each other we all laugh and say heck with it and good night.

We lay awake in bed talking about things from the day and the plan for the next day. The schedule is packed! And then the conversation took a turn. During the beer pong game with a devilish grin Vixen says, "So whats the deal with y'all?" I tell her I can't be won in a game of beer pong like her and laugh as her cheeks flush slightly.

As we lay in bed he drifts back to that conversation. I know "the talk" is coming. We always laugh saying we have a high school romance (you know cause we talk all the time but rarely see each other, much like when in high school before you can drive) so in line with that he tells me all he's missing is the note with the two check boxes as he asks if I want to be his girlfriend. I think, just think, he knows what a commitment phobe I've been because he quickly adds unless that's moving to fast. In the dark I smile as I tell him yes I'm not interested in dating anybody else. Ok yeah, yeah, I really like this guy. If there were a checklist of things I wanted in a guy.... well he has it all ~ never met someone who matched this list so completely, normally they are off on least a few of the things.

So Sunday we awake and head to meet his dad for lunch but not before making a detour to the bowling ally to pick up his debit card that had absentmindedly left at the counter the night before.

This was my first time meeting his dad and I think it went pretty good.... he was very nice and said he would like to go up to base one weekend to visit Marine and invited me to go with him. So I took that as a good sign, but after an 8 hour car ride with me he might just change his mind....

The rest of the afternoon was spent running errands and getting stuff done he needed to do while in town. In the afternoon before he left, we had just finished unloading horse feed (he has a horse also ~ which coming from dating guys that aren't into horses finding one that is is a major +) we sat on the porch of his parents house just enjoying the beautiful afternoon. All of a sudden he says he almost forgot something. He gets up and comes back a minute later with his back pack. He digs around a minute and then pulls out a small bracelet. A smile spreads across my face as I hold out my wrist and he puts it on. "See I told you I'd make you one." It's a green and tan braided bracelet that he made for me. While visiting him at the beach I commented on one that he wore. He told me he had made them while in Iraq for his family and a few close friends. Ok, Ok I know it might not be much but it meant alot to me.

Overall it was a great weekend. I was sad when I had to tell him bye. But we were going out to diner for Giggles birthday and I would be late as it was. So with a tight hug and last kiss I said goodbye. But he'll be home again before to long. Don't they say absence makes the heart grow fonder? Guess I'll find out if thats true.


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

what a great weekend you had. =) And I had to chuckle when you mentioned that you bowl better after after a few beers. . hehehe. =)

phoebe said...

sounds like such a fun time!! i'm so happy that you've found someone that can make you laugh and smile, both on the outside and the inside.

absence does make the heart grow fonder :-)

Date Girl said...

Congrats on making it official! How exciting:-) sounds like a great weekend. I'm glad all your friends like him too. That's just icing on the cake!