Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Some Days

Some days it seems like nothing has changed but when you stop and look back you realize everything has changed including you....

No matter what happens some days will always hold a significance to you. August 11th will probably always be one of those days for me. A few years ago it was my wedding day and then a year ago it was the day my divorce was final ~ for some reason I always saw this ironic that it should begin and end on the same day.

In just a year so much has changed. Even down to the way I view things such as life and everyday situations. I once thought this day would live on as the happiest day of my life, this time last year I thought the same thing but for a different reason. Now this year.... well I finally see the light.

Everyone has always said that everything happens for a reason. I hate hearing that. But it's true. I can look back now and kinda understand why things have happened the way they did --- mainly because had they not I would not be where I am now or the person that I am.


Habbala said...

I love your outlook. I know it's super hard. I hate the "Everything happens for a reason" thing, but there is TOTALLY a reason why it get's repeated all the time-- there is truth in it.

phoebe said...

funny that i meantion it in my other comment... lol.

we all learn from our experiences (well at least try to, haha).