Saturday, August 8, 2009

Status Change

It's Friday night. I sit at the horse show waiting on my class. I'm pumped! Horse feels great, I have assessed the competition and I know that we have a good shot at winning if all goes according to plan.

My Blackberry goes off. I figure it's Marine who has been texting me. Instead it's Hollywood informing me, as gleefully as one can get in a text message, that Marine has changed his Facebook status to..... relationship.

At first the thought of this makes me smile...... and then it slowly makes me want to slightly panic. I mean us knowing (and our friends knowing) that we are dating is one thing. Informing the entire world (in world I really mean our small town where news travels fast) we are dating is another. I mean changing it to relationship is easy... but what happens if it doesn't work out? When someone changes their status back to single it is quickly followed by many questions some of which come from people you have not talked in so long you didn't even realize they were still alive.

Saturday Morning I log into Facebook and before I can change my mind I hit the accept button, sending out to everyone in my network that I am no longer single.

Does this now mean I have to change the name of my blog?
Katie Bryce, "My head is full."
Dr. Meredith Grey, "It's called thinking. Go with it."
~ Grey's Anatomy ~


jwriter said...

No technically you are still single even though you are dating LOL. And congrats wow and yay. Now enjoy! Facebook does allow people to be extra nosey.

phoebe said...

yay... thats a huge step e!!

btw. you do know that you can change your privacy settings so that if if if something happens and you remove it... the world will not get the notice. thats what i have mine set to...

Date Girl said...

That is awesome. I remember when Match did that on Myspace (last year it was still cool ok?) And I was so giddy from that one little gesture.
I think even if I get married I won't change the name of my blog, just the tagline! :-)