Tuesday, August 25, 2009


As my birthday draws near I have contemplated the fact of not even celebrating it this year. Why you ask.... well my birthdays never seem to go to plan. I mean don't get me wrong I have had some great birthday bashes, and I have great friends!! But sometimes you get your hopes or expectations up and things just don't go according to plan. And it seems birthdays can sometimes just be a disappointment. Take last year for example; it started out good but then took a nose dive and if it hadn't been for Vivi it would have sucked all together.

So this year I have thought about just letting it slide by, and perhaps going to a festival that Vivi is throwing that weekend in her hometown. But no definite plans made yet. I already knew Marine couldn't come home that weekend and I had thought about going up there but lets face it I really don't have the extra money. Marine offered to pay for the hotel and everything if I came up, but I didn't want him to do that. I don't know why but I have a problem letting a guy pay for everything. Maybe I like being independent. I mean I know he works hard for his money to so why should he (or any guy) be expected to pay for everything? Maybe its just me (...... well me and Vixen - we had this conversation already).

So yesterday I get a text:

Marine, "Made plans for the weekend of the 19th yet?"

Me, "No........"

Marine, "Ok great"

Me, "Why? lol"

Marine, "I'll tell you tonight. You may not even want to do it."

So I spent the rest of the day about to die from curiosity. I love surprises, but the suspense..... I just can't wait! After work he calls and we talk a minute before he finally tells me the surprise. He is way to sweet and starts off with saying he understands if I want to spend my birthday with my friends and he doesn't want them to be mad at him if they already have something planned. I laugh and tell him to spit it out already. He tells me that his roommate and his girlfriend are going out of town that weekend and the roommates girlfriend has an apartment in the next town over. She had asked Marine if he would come over that weekend and feed/walk her dog, etc. Then somehow she knew my birthday was that weekend (maybe Facebook) and told him to invite me up and that we could stay at her apartment.

I excitedly tell him yes as he tells me some of the things we can go do in the historic downtown. He tells me it will be a romantic weekend just the two of us. I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday.

I'm excited....

At Phoebe's Birthday Diner....
Phoebe, "You're an hour late and you didn't have the courtesy to call! (Phone rings) Well it's too late now!"
Ross, "Phoebe, I don't think that's us."
Phoebe, "Oh. Well, this is not over!"
~ Friends ~

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Date Girl said...

We are so alike-youre right, its kind of freaky! I've had this birthday "curse" for what seems like forever. I always build up bdays in my head, I don't mean to, it just happens. Or bad stuff happens-one year I got dumped, another my camera was stolen, etc. Last year I finally just relaxed and decided to have fun, and purposely didn't make big plans, and it ended up being simple and wonderful. A weekend with Marine sounds like a perfect way to spend your birthday!