Thursday, August 27, 2009


Thursday! It's finally Thursday!! Marine returned last Saturday from his 16 day training (you know the no phone, no contact one) and was told that since they were gone for 3 weekends they would get a 72 (3 day) weekend. Which means he's coming home! Granted he probably won't arrive at the house till close to midnight.... but that is perfectly fine, at least he will be here!

Tomorrow I have to work, since I'm taking off for my birthday and then a week in November to go up for the Marine ball I can't really afford to take any additional days off. But he has stuff to do (like weed eat and put new seats in his Jeep) but he's still going to meet me tomorrow for lunch and then I'll see him when I get off work.

Not to gush.... ok I'm going to - He is so nice! Looking forward to a fun weekend!!! And a fun month. I get to see him this weekend, next weekend, then off a weekend, then see him again the next weekend for my birthday.

Saturday a bunch of my friends and his friends are getting together for diner. Hopefully it will go good and everyone will have fun!

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Date Girl said...

Yay! So excited for you. I can practically see you smiling through your blog. :-)