Monday, August 31, 2009

Training Wheels

Friday after work Marine and I went out to the barn to feed horses and for him to meet my mom. It went good, I think she liked him. ~~ Taking him home to meet my mom was a big deal for me. I never take guys home to meet the family. Usually I think 'we'll this isn't going to last long no since introducing him.' I like to keep aspects of my life separate, I guess no use complicating things. But seeing as I have met his family numerous times I felt it was time to let him meet my mom..... well that and my mom had been driving me crazy about meeting him. She has heard so many good things about him, but being mom I know she is skeptical at my first (post) relationship attempt. Kinda like as a child when they take the training wheels off the bike, they hope it works but they stand close by waiting in case you fall. Prepared for if you fall to pick you up and become the boo boo fixer.

Later Friday night we went out for a mutual friends birthday. I stood at the bar talking with Vixen, Punk-Rock-Chick and Alice while Marine talked with the guys. Did I mention Punk-Rock-Chick called off her wedding??! I hate to say it but I was relieved. I love her and I want her to be happy but her fiance had/has a lot of growing up to do and is no way ready to take on grown-up responsibilities. Which sucks. But she is doing ok, actually she is handling it surprisingly well.

So the night goes ok despite the fact some of the other guys girlfriends who are there that are just not nice. You know the type I'm talking about ~ Miss Fake Boobs Bitchy Nice. But oh well me and my girls get along with pretty much everybody, just screen what we say a tad more.

Half way thru the night Birthday Boy comes up and tells me that he told Marine that he needs to marry me. Being the light weight I am I have had approximately two rum runners and feeling a buzz, my mouth drops. "No you didn't?!" Why this makes me feel panic I'm not sure. I hear the word marriage and my first instinct is to turn and run.

"Hell yeah I did. I told him he needs to marry you."

"Why did you say that?"

"Cause you are a great girl and you are perfect for each other."

"It's way to soon to think about that," I reply finally feeling my racing heart start to slow.

He shrugs his shoulders as he brings his beer bottle up to his lips and takes a quick sip, "You wait and see," He puts an arm around me, "Your going to marry him." He squeezes me and with a final pat on the back he leaves me standing there speechless as Marine approaches smiling. The live band is now playing a slow song and he asks if I want to dance. I smile as he takes my hand and leads me to the dance floor. We dance. I love to slow dance!

Saturday night everyone got together to go to diner. It was great Giggles Fiance and Marine hit it off, which was great (and I knew they would). After diner the large group of us headed for Hooters to watch the UFC fight. It was nice for everyone to get together and I was glad everyone liked Marine. But I swear if one more of them tell me he is the one! lol On a bathroom trip Giggles tells me they have all talked about it and have decided he is the one for me. Blondie enthusiastically agrees. And I hear later in the night that his friends that were in attendance told him the same thing. We both kinda laugh about it and then I change the subject.

Sunday was a long day. Marine received a call early Saturday morning saying that his great Grandma had passed away in her sleep. The funeral was to be Sunday in the town she lived in about an hour away. Marine told me he would like me to go with him so I did. We arrived at the funeral home around 9:30 and didn't leave till little after 1. Made for a long day. I met all his Mom's side of the family and they were all very nice just hated to meet some of them for the first time at a funeral.
Overall it was a great weekend. I was sad to see him leave. But he will be back late Friday.
Never enough hours in the day it seems.


Date Girl said...

It's scary when everyone around you sees what you're secretly wishing for but too afraid to say out loud huh? Don't worry, they won't jinx you. So sorry to hear about Marine's Grandmother, that's so sad, but it sounds like she went peacefully. That's pretty huge that he took you with him too!

jwriter said...

Oh he met mom??? Glad it went well! I love good stories. Blog more blog more more blog more blog from E.