Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Uninvited Guest

Living with Vixen has been going pretty good. I mean in reality we both stay so busy we rarely see it each other it seems. So far so good. Basement dwelling is going good for me. Minus the mouse. Yeah mouse. Which Vixen almost sucked up in the shop-vac before I moved in. Trying to be a nice roommate she was using the shop-vac to clean a little and sucks up the mouse in the hose....... well almost...... it got stuck. And in her own words "I screamed like a little girl!" she dropped the hose and when she did the end popped off and the mouse ran like hell.

And from the trauma of the whole experience the mouse has probably been in hiding ever since.

I had my first run in with the mouse this past week. It was tiny but still it made me jump and I barricaded my bedroom door at night cause it was so small it could fit under the door and I really didn't want to be ambushed by it in the middle of the night!

Well you know I am an animal lover and I was going to buy a mouse trap but then I almost (almost) started to feel sorry for the mouse and wondered if I could just shew it out of the house. I know… I know… it’s a mouse! But it was a teeny, tiny mouse and the thought of finding it smashed in half in a 98cent mouse trap just made me cringe. And lets face it had that happened I probably would have shed a tear for the little innocent mouse. Friday morning I left the house thinking I would just worry about it come Monday (I had horse shows all weekend so was planning on staying at mom’s). Sunday I returned to the house and upon entering the basement I smell something….. different. Not a good smell. As I proceed toward my bedroom the smell vanishes. I don’t really pay it any mind and head up the stairs.

Later Vixen and I are sitting on the porch and she announces I don’t have to worry bout the mouse anymore. I’m happy about this announcement but ask what happened anyway.

“You didn’t smell it?” She asks.

I admit I smelled something but wasn’t sure what it was. She explains that the mouse climbed up in a plastic tub we had had filled with ice and drinks the weekend before and apparently drowned. We had emptied it but apparently there had still been some water left in the bottom of it.

I felt a twinge of sorrow for the small creature..... I know I'm to much of a softy!

VB was out of the room at the time of conversation but we quickly voted he should be the one to dispose of the mouse. Which he did.

Mouse problem solved.

"A girl is a person who screams at the mouse and smiles at the wolf."
~ Shyam Kapoor ~


jwriter said...

Mice and rats are uncool and should stay outside. I love reading your blog and I hope you never leave us LOL.

E said...

Awe thanks Jwriter ~ and thanks for all the great comments ;)

jwriter said...

Thanks for giving great comments on my page. But E I'm serious I can't understand why Married people are doing this. In two years I have had three married/separated women try and "seduce" me LOL...ok maybe not seduce, but they flirted and wanted to start something with me. I'm not down with it. It is hard enough to be single as it is and I can't add to that drama with a married woman. Stop being greedy and let me find my own woman to come home too. LOL

Date Girl said...

Oh yikes! The smell of dead animal is so bad. Hopefully your room doesn't stink too badly, and thank goodness for VB! I wouldn't have wanted to get rid of it myself either!