Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When Did The Rules Change?

When did the rules change?

Ok I may have you confused. You really want to hear more about my weekend with Marine.... and that is coming.... promise. But while writing my last post the question came to mind: when did the rules change?

In our early twenties we stuck to Lauren Conrad's rule that if your a good girl you wait 6 months before you give it up (aka color ~ if I have you lost on the coloring to term please refer here). As we got a little older we thought we could cut that time in half..... so 3 months. Well apparently Vixen and I have both broken the rule both of us coloring after only a month.

At once this rule was so easy to stick to. Why is it that as we get older the rules change? The game is the same.... ok well not really...... I can honestly say Marine is different from any other guy I have ever dated (which if you knew the losers of my past you would see this as a good thing). But still I had at least planned to hold out till Labor Day.

Of course Vixen and I also said we did not want a relationship. Guess we broke that rule to. Eh oh well.

Samantha, "I think I have monogamy. I caught it from you."
~ Sex and the City ~


phoebe said...

i think it might also be an age thing... the older we get, the more we figure, why not. i know with each boyfriend, the time frame became smaller. haha.

Date Girl said...

I agree with Phoebe, the rules changed when we got older. I'm not sure why, but it just happened. I waited 2 weeks with Match, and he told me that's the longest a girl has made him wait since high school! He respected me for it, meanwhile I was thinking to myself that I was super weak and should have waited longer!
Don't stress about the time frame or what you should or shouldn't do. Just enjoy this crazy love thing!

jwriter said...

And Samantha is so right...I have broken a few rules myself...not proud of it though, but yes I have broken a lot of rules.

Rulebreaking aside I'm happy for you. Keep blogging and I will keep reading.