Monday, September 21, 2009

Birthday Weekend Roadtrip

Friday September 18th

I pulled out of the driveway at 7:22a.m., a full 22 minutes later than I had planned for. This would be my first long road trip by myself and I had tried to plan accordingly by putting the things I knew I would need on the passenger seat within close reach; you know map, directions, purse, snacks etc. I had the Ipod plugged in. I was ready! 7 hours (or maybe 8 depending on traffic) Just me and the open road.

My attention span is only so long. Plus I have not had a full nights sleep in months. So when I stop to get gas I decided I am in need of a pick-me-up. I have never drank energy drinks (unless you count redbull and vodka) so I am unsure which one to pick as I stand in front of the vast selection. I recognize the blue Monster because Vixen tends to keep a few in the fridge to help her with her early morning commute. It calls my name so I quickly take it and after handing over $2.50 for it (2.50??!!! Really! I was surprised it was so much!) I get back in the car and pop the top. The first sip...... hmm.... I can't decide if it is good or not...... reminds me of a blue sweettart - mixed with crack of course. But it gave me a much needed boost.

The drive went by surprisingly quick and Marine (such a sweetheart) called to check on me numerous times. I was also able to use the spare time to catch up with Conscious, who I have not really gotten a chance to talk to in a few weeks.

I arrive at apartment [did I mention we are staying at his roommates girlfriends apartment while the roommate and girlfriend are out of town for the weekend? We are also watching a tiny dachshund who I later learn that despite his small size, has a rather large mouth.] and take the dog out for a walk. Marine isn't off work yet so I sit on the couch and watch TV, something which I never seem to have time to do. Its great to just sit and relax.

I sit on the couch doing homework and listening to the TV as the small dachshund curls up by my side for his afternoon nap. My phone goes off, Marine texting to say he is off work and heading my way. Base is about a 45 minute drive from the apartment so I'm not expecting him anytime soon. Five minutes later there is a knock on the door, first of my many surprises. I open the door and Marine is standing there smiling.

"Liar," I laugh as he picks me up in a hug.

We curl up on the couch and watch TV for about 30 minutes, talking and laughing - just enjoying being together. We then get up and get ready to head out to diner.

We were seated at an Italian restaurant and our orders have been placed when Marine leans forward and says, "You realize this is our first date?"

I start to retort no when I catch myself. He's right. This is our first actual date. Just the two of us. All of a sudden a wave of nervous wash over me, "Your right...." I pause, "Now I feel like I should be nervous! Gee thanks!"

He laughs and reaches across the table and squeezes my hand. "What do you have to be nervous about?" and he proceeds to make a joke that makes me laugh and blush at the same time all the while reminding me just why I am so crazy about him.

Diner is wonderful! Afterward we ride downtown and go on a short tour of the historical town. SO many things to see. But it's dark and some things will have to wait for the following day. For desert he takes me to Cold Stone Creamery (I had never been) which is amazing!!! I had the cookie doughn'tcha, a combination of cookie dough, Carmel, and pure heaven! He of course had some strawberry, banana, healthy thing that was ok but not nearly as good as mine! Nor as sinful I'm sure. We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the last of the summer breeze while we ate our ice cream.

After we headed back to the apartment for some us time. We go to bed early, both of us exhausted from the long day.

In the middle of the night I feel him squeeze me and whisper softly in my ear "happy birthday sweetheart". My eyes flutter open and I can't help but smile. The room is dark and I wonder what woke him. "It's officially your birthday," he kisses me softly, "Go back to sleep..."

As he holds me I drift off to sleep thinking my birthday has only begun and so far its on the path to being the best yet.

The next morning I awake to receive 27 kisses and one to grow on, even though I argue that I'm not really 27 but instead prefer to think of it as 26 round 2! With a smile he leaves the room and comes back bearing gifts. Like a little kid I excitedly sit up in bed as he places them next to me apologizing for the wrapping. I open the first one. It's a book I have said for a year now that I want but have yet to buy, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. The next presents were Marley & Me book on CD (for me to listen to on the drive home he says) another book that has been on my "To Read List". And lastly a cute bear with a hooded sweatshirt that reads - Hugs & Kisses Marines. I catch a whiff and pull it close breathing in his familiar Cologne.

"That's for when I'm gone to Afghanistan. So you don't have to sleep alone." I know I know, cheesy. But it melted me. I tell him thank you and how much I love all three gifts, all three gifts are thoughtful and perfect.

"So you gonna tell me what the surprise is now?" I grin as I head for the shower.


After getting ready and heading downtown we go to a local brewery and grill for lunch. Studying the menu we both chose a beer made by the brewery and that the waitress confirmed as being good. The food was great and so was the beer!

After lunch we walked around the historical downtown for a short bit, then headed to the local aquarium. It was small but still fun! And we were able to see a rare albino alligator. Marine kept glancing at his watch making sure we wouldn't be late.

We returned to the apartment with enough time for me to change clothes and refresh my makeup and hair. We had 7 o'clock reservations...... but where I still didn't know.

The destination: The Melting Pot. I had never eaten at the Melting Pot and that had come up in a previous conversation between myself and Marine. As we walked in he gave them his name and we were escorted back to a private corner booth - separated from the others, it was very romantic, and well planned on his part if I might add. When the waitress appeared he was ready and ordered the four course meal - Alpine Night Out, Fondue Fusion. The four courses we comprised of all my favorites! First up was spinach dip! It was amazing!!!! And I feel that calling it amazing still doesn't really do it justice. Next were salads, then the main course (see picture): Lobster Tail, Filet Mignon, New Strip, Applewood Smoked Bratwurst, Marinated Shrimp, Roasted Garlic Crusted Chicken, Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli and Fresh Vegetables. Yes that was a lot of food!!! But there was more to come, for desert he had picked my absolute favorite! I love, love, LOVE turtles! Carmel and chocolate mixed with nuts are my weakness. So for desert, to quote the menu, we had Flaming Turtle - milk chocolate, Carmel and chopped pecans, flambeed table side. Of course it came with a gazillion things to dip but my favorite I would have to say was the strawberries. ------------ oh and to drink I had a Strawberry Basil Lemonade which was a mix of Strawberry twist vodka, fresh strawberry, basil and lemondade. Delcious!

Upon leaving the restaurant stuffed to the point my pants no longer fit we proceed down the street to a sportsbar hoping our College Football team game will be on. But we are out of state and no suck luck. So we proceed further down to the theater. But of course nothing is playing either of us really wants to see. So we keep walking down to the Barnes and Noble.

Yes we spent nearly an hour and half in Barnes and Noble and for those of you who know me know that I am a book lover. So naturally this was the perfect way to end the perfect night! Well of course hhhmm hhhhmmm besides the coloring later on back at the apartment...... but anyway.

Yes there were other funny, more embarrasing stories from the weekend that I might perhaps share later but for now this will have to do. It was the best Birthday I have had in awhile, not to mention the best date I have ever had! Who knew guys existed that could be romantic, thoughtful, and considerate.............. and great in bed........................ Yeah he has to have a flaw somewhere but after several months I have yet to find it.

P.S. ----> Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!

“It's my birthday. I'm officially old."

~ Carrie, SATC ~


Date Girl said...

Oh he is GOOD! I love the Melting Pot! I went there w/Match for Valentines, just for dessert. The main course sounds incredible. As for the presents, he did great! You'll love Marley and Me but you'll cry! I am all about solo road trips so long as there's a book on cd. Marine gets major points for all his thoughtfulness. :-) and ps I'm a year behind you, and I agree, not 27, 26 round 2 sounds better. ;-)

phoebe said...

that sounds like a great birthday... the boy gave me marley and me for the holidays. i have all but 10 pages left. i know the ending yet i can't read it. so. listen to it when you know your eye make up doesn't have to be perfect. haha. i'm so happy for you. who could have asked for a more perfect birthday! :-)