Thursday, September 3, 2009

Dating..... In The Dark?

"When it comes to men… how do we end up in the dark?"

~ Carrie's Diary ~

I have listened to Date Girl and Phoebe talk about the new ABC show Dating in the Dark. So curiosity got the better of me (I mean dating in the dark??) so with nothing better to do I pulled up ABC online and proceeded to watch the first episode.

I admit I laughed and even though "what the hell" did cross my mind a time or two overall it was an interesting show. I mean you get to know someone completely in the dark. You learn their likes, their dislikes, and general information about them. Then at the end of the show the lights come on and you see the other person. From their you can decided if you would wish to date them after the show.

Interesting idea.

But what if you have a great connection and then you see the person and their is just ZERO attraction. What do you do? If you admit that it makes you appear shallow and superficial.
Could you walk away? Or if you had a great connection with someone would you go out with them even if you weren't attracted to them physically? Something to think about......


Simone Grant said...

I watched the show once. All three women fell for the same guy. And then they saw him and NONE of them still liked him after seeing what he looked like.

It was funny, but sad. And also completely predictable.

phoebe said...

ohhhhhhhh i saw that one too... he was a cutie too (above comment).

e. so glad you finally got to see it. you don't mean to get suckered into it, but somehow you do.