Thursday, October 22, 2009

Change, Change

Yeah I had a delightful, witty post for today but then decided it could wait a day. What I was really in need of was a blog makeover! I mean I'm not single anymore ..... but I don't want to change my blog name..... so check out the header...... What do you think? Colors ok? Or hard to read?? Also what about blog text size, font color, etc? Let me know what you think. Over the next few days I will update my links and such and have also decided (not sure if good idea or not) but now you can follow lifeofasinglegirl on twitter @ lifeofsinglegrl.

Let me know whatcha think about the design!


Jenn said...

your new layout looks great and i like your new title as well!! have a great weekend!

phoebe said...

love!! totally love!

Unwritten said...

I LOVE the changes!!!