Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Girls Diner

Monday night the girls (Vixen, Giggles, Nurse Betty) and I headed to meet Vivi. It was great to have diner with my girls and catch up. Vivi had brought along a friend from work, who I think we overwhelmed with our non-stop banter and naturally crazy selves. And I'm sure it's safe to say will probably never want to be seen with us again.

The absence of alcohol on the table was not the only change that has taken place. Vivi is now married to her job which seems to be an abusive lover but has its advantages so she sticks with it. Nurse Betty is pregnant and due this next month to deliver a girl that will be spoiled relentlessly by her numerous 'non-blood related' aunts. Giggles is blissfully happy with her unemployment/housewife status in which she swears she does not grow bored. Vixen well I'm still trying determine Vixen's transformation..... I think she is just stressed to the gill. And as for myself well somethings change and some remain the same.

Perhaps it has to do with the changing of seasons but it always seems that at this time of year I start to self-evaluate. And no matter what I always seem to score low. And once again I am overwhelmed with the feeling that I am not where I should be in life. Career wise mainly. I like my job ok.... but lets face the facts - it is a job that barely (barely) pays the bills and is not even remotely related to my field of interest/degree. I know that I am the only one that can change that aspect but in a small town the options are limited. I would love to move but just to many factors; lack of money, horse, my widowed mom, etc. To many strings.

Ok maybe I just needed to bitch a minute.

Monica, "Okay, I have looked through a bunch of career guides, photocopied and highlighted key passages, and put them into alphabetical folders so you can make an informed decision."
~ Friends ~


THE GUYS said...

Bitch away. Sometimes it feels damn good! And sometimes it leads to action.

phoebe said...

i hear ya... how do you think i came up with the whole 'school' option? haha.

and hey. feel free to bitch. you have a lot of ears here to listen to you :-)

Date Girl said...

It's hard in this economy too with regards to your job. I know Match is in the exact same boat as you, and hating it. He has a new job, that actually does better at paying the bills, but he's absolutely miserable there. Hopefully when things pick up and there are more job opportunities he can branch out.
I'll tell you what I tell him-remember that work isn't everything, and it doesn't define you.
That said, what was your degree in? What are you interested in doing? Maybe you can update your resume and through it out to the cosmos.

Date Girl said...

I gave you an award on my blog. Hope it helps your bloggers block!