Friday, October 30, 2009

The Original Four

In high school I had many friends, but only three people that I considered my best friends. They were all different and the funny part was that they weren't even really friends with each other, but they all had one thing in common...... me.

High School has been and will always be a popularity contest. Sad but true. I myself was on the outer rim of popularity. I was part of the popular crowd but just enough to be accepted by them and invited to all the cool and fun events. I say I was on the outer rim because to those not in the popular crowd I was still seen as a good person and not considered a snob as most the others were. Bottom line: I was nice to everyone.

Vixen on the other hand belonged to the inner realm of the popular crowd. She was one of the "it" girls. You know the type - every guy wants to date them and every girl secretly wishes to be them. It was unlikely that Vixen and I would become best friends the summer after our sophomore year, and even more unlikely that we would remain best friends thru the rest of high school. Being best friends with Vixen did up my value to the rest of the group but likewise her new found friendship with me ~ the eternal goody-goody ~ probably decreased her value.

Giggles on the other hand..... well Giggles was much the same way she is now; ditzy, giggly, and full of life. I would say she was somewhere in the middle of the popularity circle, not really belonging to one particular click but migrating between them. Not real sure how we became friends. It's like she appeared one day and the rest was history.

Now Conscious on the other hand was on the outer most rim of the popular crowd. And the main reason she remained part of the crowd was that she had grown up with all of them and they had no choice but to accept her. Acceptance isn't always free though. Conscious is one of the nicest people you will ever meet but she was a Valedictorian..... meaning she was pretty much a dork! Now all the popular crowd wanted her help when it came to school work but behind her back would mock her the way mean (dumb) kids do.

Yes these were my three best friends. Somewhere along the line I was able to bring them together to become friends as well. After High School we went our separate ways and to different colleges but every weekend we would come together and it was if things would never change.

Now years later things have changed. We are all at different stages in our lives. Conscious is married and always busy, Giggles is engaged, and me and Vixen............. well................ ok maybe not so much has changed! lol

Over the years we have added to our group of friends. But we are the original four I guess you could say.

I am reminded of this because this week we went to diner to celebrate Conscious's birthday. And once again it was just the four of us. For a moment it was if we were 17 again and carefree as we laughed over Ihop pancakes and a round of Dr. Peppers.


Ana from far away! said...

I enjoyed reading this, because it reminded me of my high school friends. Tomorrow we are getting together to celebrate my bday and things HAVE changed, some for good and some for bad. It's sad to see how people grow appart and things will never be the same.

phoebe said...

while reading this... i thought of the last scene of sex and the city the movie... where they are all out to dinner for samantha's bday... you are very lucky to have your gals... relish it :-)