Friday, October 16, 2009

Over The Top

As my name is called my face lights up with a look of shock and genuine surprise. I rise to my feet as others around me also stand to embrace me and speak words of congratulations. A smile is spread across my face and I cautiously balance on my stiletto high heals as I navigate my way to the stage. The black Gucci dress I have chosen for the night hugs what few curves I have just right and actually gives the illusion that I have cleavage. I have never felt more beautiful.
I take the stage and as I am handed my award....................
I come back down to earth and realize that even though this isn't the CMA's and I'm not winning Female Vocalist of the year I am still thrilled to have been honored with the award of Over The Top. Date Girl (one of my very dear blog friends) was so kind as to pass this award on for me to proudly display on my blog. I love getting awards!
So now without further ado, my thank you speech...... ahem....... or the questions I have to answer that go along with the acceptance of this award. :)
1. Where is your cell phone: Sitting on my desk right beside my mouse pad.

2. Your hair: Actually straight for a change. My hair tends to love cool fall weather and always seems to do better in the winter months.

3. Your mother: The best. No seriously she is. She may drive me crazy from time to time but I know she is always there for me. I see her about every other day (as we work at the barn after finishing up at our day jobs) and talk to her at least that often.
4. Your father: Passed away nearly 3 years ago. I am and will always be a daddy's girl. I miss him very much and still at times feel lost without him.

5. Your favorite food: Probably Mexican. But in all honesty at the mention of food the little fat girl inside me gets all giddy and really can't pick just one favorite!

6. Your dream from last night: I have no clue. I remember waking up this morning and still half asleep thinking to myself "huh that was weird" but the actual dream has been long since forgotten. I do remember that Marine was in it........
7. Your favorite drink: Dr. Pepper

8. Your dream/goal: to get my master and teach college classes that way when I have kids I can hopefully teach classes two days a week and be a stay at home mom the rest of the time. Or just win the lottery and travel the world.

9. What room are you in: At the office

10. What is your hobby: Taking pictures, reading, writing, riding horses...... really the list could go on and on.

11. What is your fear: failure

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years: I will be 33....... 33......... ok had a small panic attack right then..... but it's ok.......... I'm ok. In 6 years I would like to have at least one kid. I want to feel like I have achieved something and that I am where I want to be at that point in my life.
13. Where were you last night: In the dreaded basement soaking up more water and then doing homework.
14. Something you are not: Snobby, graceful, mean, selfish.

15. Muffins: Never been much of a muffin person...... give me a biscuit or a doughnut.
16. Wish list items: New boots for horse, a week vacation to someplace tropical, new camera. Or realistically just money to pay off bills.
17. Where did you grow up: Small town in the south
18. Last thing you did: Um finished up my work for the afternoon and waiting on quiting time to
roll around so I can head off to job #2.

19. What are you wearing: Today is casual Friday for me ~ Jeans, American Eagle long sleeve t-shirt, brown Timberland shoes.

20. Your TV: hoping that one day it will morph into a nice sized flat screen.
21. Your pets: 3 horses (or if you count the family animals - 8 horses total and 4 dogs).
22. Your friends: A diverse group, some have been life long friends and some are newer editions. But overall they are a great bunch that I know I can always count on.

23. Your life: Up in the air.

24. Your mood: not feeling real good and wish I could go home take some medicine and go to bed instead of having to go to job #2....... but I need the money.
25. Missing someone: Very much missing Marine! 3 more weeks till he returns to base and 4 more weeks before I will see him. Absence makes the heart grow fonder........ or drives you crazy.
26. Vehicle: Toyota 4runner that I have a love/hate relationship for.
27. Something you’re not wearing: Mascara, I wear very little makeup - makeup for me consists
of putting on powder.
28. Your favorite store: Target probably or Ross
29. Your favorite color: blue

30. When’s the last time you laughed: last night when Marine1 posted a funny comment on Facebook that reminded me of funny times from moments past.

31. When’s the last time you cried: Tuesday. I was overwhelmed what with the flooding, the lack of sleep, the stress of bills, and the coming up anniversary of my dad's death.

32. Your best friend: Vixen, thru thick and thin she's always there.
33. One place you go over and over: The barn. It is my favorite place. It's like I leave all my troubles at the door and a calm washes over me as I step inside and inhale the smell of hay and horses.
34. One person who emails me regularly: A friend at work sends me funny forwards daily.

35. Favorite place to eat: I have to agree with Date Girl after my recent trip to The Melting Pot I believe it makes its way to the top of the list. Followed by Bahama Breeze.

Thanks again for thinking my blog is Over The Top! And thank you my readers, I love sharing my experiences from you and reading your comments. Now I would like to pass this award on to some of my other favorite bloggers....... Drum roll please................. And the award goes to...........
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flair of style she is sure to entertain readers and leave them wondering what will happen next.
And Date Girl already gave the award to following blog so I would like to second the nominee and recommend that you check out The Guy's Perspective ~ humorous at times, serious at times but always a great read!

[At a Soap Opera Awards show, Joey accepted an award on an absent actress behalf]
Rachel, "Joey, you cant steal an award."
Joey, "Im not stealing it. Im accepting it on her behalf."
Rachel, "You dont even know what behalf means."
Joey, "I know what it means. Its a verb. As in, I behalfing it."
~ Friends ~


Date Girl said...

I could totally picture you giving acceptance speech for this award! :-)

I like your goal of teaching and then working part time. I think that's the ultimate dream. I want to work and contribute, make some money, but I want a life. I feel like our lives are so wasted by working all damn day. It's really starting to get to me!

I'm sorry you're missing Marine. Long distance stuff is tough! Do you guys have web cams? If not, you should get him one for an early Christmas present. Cheap and totally worth it!

Dorkys Ramos said...

Congrats on your award! Target is pretty much my fave store too so I'm happy there's one a ten minute walk away from me. Then again, my wallet isn't.

I did the long distance thing for a while and while it does "make the heart grow fonder," after a while it just stinks.

THE GUYS said...

It's nice to get to know you a bit more.

You can only fail if you don't try. The rest is all good.

What is it with horses and women?

Ana from far away! said...

I gave you the Superior scribbler award!

phoebe said...

thanks! what do i do now?