Friday, October 2, 2009

Shadow Ninja

Yes, I E belong to highly covert group referred to simply as Shadow Ninjas. As a shadow ninja I take on impossible missions in which I know better but perhaps am still to young to care. I was recruited at a young age and no matter how hard I try to escape it seems once a shadow ninja your part of the group for life. Over the years the missions have become few and far between. There are only two rules when it comes to the missions:

1. The mission must remain secret. Never talked about. Never admit to it. Lips sealed.

2. You must laugh at the stupid thing you are about to or have done.

It was Saturday night and I was at Babbles watching the College Football game. Her husband was working late so it was just the two of us (always trouble). So one of our other friends and her husband are Babbles neighbors and over the summer they started a "lawn war" which translates into prank war of such. --------- and yes we are all adults but refuse to grow up completely.

So it's half time of the game and Babbles suggest we strike.... I try to decline but to no avail. We quickly raid her closet and I am given a Under Armor black track pants and sweatshirt to wear. I have on my black tennis shoes so I'm set.

We have 100 skewers to which we stick marshmallows on. We drive the short distance to the friends home. I turn off my lights as we approach the house and drive past and turn the car around so that we are ready for a quick get away. I pull the hood of the sweatshirt up and slip the flashlight into the front pocket of Babbles over sized hoodie that is engulfing me. We step out into the quite night and make our way down the gravel road. We are in stealth mode, crouched down as we make our way into the yard.

Hurriedly we split up and go to work sticking the skewers in the yard. All of a sudden I hear the front door opening. To my right is a small tree - if you can even call it that, more like baby tree. I press my back against the tree realizing it is barely wide enough to conceal me, but I remain frozen as I hear Girlfriend walking down the length of the porch apparently talking on her cellphone.

I remain motionless, clutching my skewers tightly as the light from the porch reveals the ones that are already in place. Girlfriend is oblivious as she paces back and forth intent on her conversation. Every once in awhile her voice would fade as the person on the other end of the line would talk..... or so I assumed.

By this point I am starting to sweat as the end of summer humidity envelops me and small invisible bugs buzz around my face. I can't move though for fear of revealing my location. So I tough it out remaining still. 30 minutes (or more) have passed when I finally hear the front door open and Girlfriends footsteps retreat inside. I pause a moment before peeking around the tree.

"Babbles?" I whisper.


"Babbles?" I say slightly louder.

Again silence.

The flood lights flip on. "Run for the car!" crosses my mind by my split second of hesitation is followed by the sound of an opening door. I again press my back to the tree. Its GF's husband. Yep we're so busted, I think as I hear his heavy footsteps on the porch.

My heart is pounding and I go back to the childhood theory: if I can't see him, he can't see me.

Then the silence is broke, "You can come out now I can see you...." his voice booms.

"DANG IT!!" Babbles says.

I step out from behind the tree.

"Whoa!" he starts laughing, "Didn't see you just Babbles."

The first Shadow Ninja mission failure. First in history. That just means next strike has to be bigger and better!


Nicole said...

LOL! Oh I haven't laughed out loud while reading something in a long time, and this made me laugh!

Pranks are fun, no matter how old we get! As is hiding behind trees and praying no one can see you...


Date Girl said...

Ok when you said you'd explain the marshmallows on a stick, I figured it'd be something about going to a bonfire with Marine and roasting them. I did not think Shadow Ninja and lawn skewers. That is so random and so funny!

THE GUYS said...

OK, that's pretty creative.

And funny!

phoebe said...

lol. i'm with date girl... was thinking fun night with marine. haha. boy were we wrong :-)