Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Date Girl Diaries

Hi, I'm Date Girl, and E has asked me to be one of the guest bloggers while she's out on her romantic vacation. Lucky duck! So I thought since she's having a romantic trip, I should share with you a story of when I first met my boyfriend Match. Enjoy!

At the end of the day faith is a funny thing. It turns up when you don’t really expect it.Its like one day you realize that the fairy tale may be slightly different than you dreamed. The castle, well, it may not be a castle. And its not so important happy ever after, just that its happy right now. See once in a while, once in a blue moon, people will surprise you , and once in a while people may even take your breath away.-Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy

Last night Match Guy once again managed to take my breath away. It started out with dinner at this beautiful Thai restaurant where we shared appetizers and two main dishes. The whole time we talked and ate I couldn’t get over how comfortable I was. After dinner we went to the beach, and he was all prepared. He had blankets and extra jackets and he even brought a bottle of champagne. We found a little makeshift shelter made out of driftwood and we set up our camp. It felt like something out of a movie, sitting there in with the waves crashing, sipping champagne with this gorgeous man next to me. We traded stories about our past, our friends, our hopes and dreams. The whole time I sat there with this dumb grin on my face, just hoping I wouldn’t wake up from what had to be a dream.

When we got back from the beach he walked me home and we snuggled up on the couch for a little while. We kissed a few times but we had amazing self control and he went home. When he got home he texted me “You’re incredible. Sweet dreams beautiful.”

I am very very happy that I met Match Guy but I’m terrified. I want so badly to believe that this guy is for real, but so much of my past has made me distrusting of kindness. I am trying to just relax and go with the flow, but part of me feels like everything is rushing at a really fast rate. He texted me again this morning just to say good morning. I love the attention, but I’m afraid of what happens when a little time passes. What happens when I get used to this and then it goes away? What then? Then I worry that I don’t know this person at all, and how do I know he doesn’t do this to all the ladies? I would like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at picking out the jerks, but I’ve been blindsided before.

Still, despite all my worries, I can’t help but think, why not? Just go with the flow. The worst thing that can happen is he breaks my heart. And Personality Twin has already promised to pick up the pieces if he breaks me. Here’s hoping she never has to.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, I thought it was going to be a date, little did I know I would be working.

Today's post comes to you from one of my best friends who you know as Vivi.
For more from Vivi check out her blog @ Mis(Adventures) Of A What If Girl.

So about a week ago I come into my office from a lunch meeting. Standing in the hall as I try to get to my office is Office Mom and this semi-cute guy. You all know Office Mom (OM), she is the one that has got your back no matter what. She is going to fight for what is right no matter what and is a ton of fun. In other words, you wish she was your mother. Now, this guy. He was tall, dusty blonde hair, kinda skinny with blue eyes. Oh, did I mention he had on a rival team's shirt? Yeah, great!

Well OM says that she's going to lunch since I had made it back and that she would see me later. I said okay, "I'll call you if the party gets too big here and we need more beer."

She being the fun one just laughs. I notice that the guy is staring at me with one of those, 'is she kidding?' looks. I don't care, I don't know him.

So I continue into my office and sit down then start checking the mass amounts of e-mails that I have collected since I have been out. Yay, the usual.

Well, I hear the end door open and shut and can tell that it is the guy leaving because I hear here still in her office trying to get everything together to go. Well, I hear the front door bell ring and don't even get up to see who it is. I figure if I don't hear anyone in a second I will. Well, I continue to check my e-mail and then I look up.

He is standing there, cute even. 'Ok, what does he want?' I think.

"Ms. (Insert last name), what are you doing for dinner tomorrow night?" he says as he smiles and steps about two steps inside my office.

I am thinking, 'what in the world is going on here? Is he asking me out? Okay... just do it. E always says that I don't take chances with my personal life so here we go.' I lie and state that I have nothing going on.

"Then dinner is tomorrow night at seven," he smiles.

By this point I am CONFUSED. I don't even know his name, never seen him before. He is in the rival team's t-shirt. I've seen his truck and what he is doing there. Does he have a real job or does he just do campaign stuff? What am I thinking?

So I am like, "Okay, what is your name?"

By this time OM is standing behind him laughing. He states to OM, "She thinks I just asked her out on a date."

"That's what it sounded like," OM says. "Not a bad idea either."

At this point I am sitting behind my desk wondering what in the HELL is going on. Should I have told him the truth and said I had another meeting I needed to attend the next night? I lied. No, I just sit there dumbfounded.

He turns back towards me, "Okay it is at seven tomorrow night at the event facility."

"Okay, what is this?" I asked, "And what is your name?"

He ignores the name part. "You will be sitting at the elected official's table. I am trying to fill the table so he will buy it."

"Okay," I say as I wish I could climb under my desk or even better, out the window that is directly behind me.

"Great," he smiles, "when you get there just tell them who's table you are sitting at and I'll hopefully see you. I'm sitting with another official."

By this time OM has walked away, laughing. And I, well I was ranshacked. I don't know what else to say. I thought I was getting a date out of the deal but apparently I was going to a work type function banquet for a company that I do business with on a regular basis. Agh!

So, I didn't know what to do. The elected official to whose table I was to be sitting works in the same building I do. He was out of town at the time--but I still didn't know what to do. So, being the person who does what I say I'm going to I agreed to do it. What else was there to do? He smiled, said he would see me the next evening and left.

Well, when the elected offical's assistant got back from lunch I told her what happened. Her words, "Was it the dark headed one or the light headed one?" What? LOL This is how we refer to campaign staff? Great. I tell her and she laughs and wishes me luck.

Well, on to the next day. I had a golf tournament that my company was putting on the day of the event, see my prior blog for info on that one, and so I was hot and tired by the time I got off. I hurry to the dealership, where my car is being fixed, and then come home to get ready to go. I curl my hair, put on a cute dress, hot high heels and run out the door. I'm running late as usual.

When I get the event facility I go in and wait to be seated. As I am in line I see one of my colleagues get in line behind me. Here goes business talk. This lasted for a moment then I was led to my seat by a friend. She was asking me about a Kenny Chesney concert I had attended, what had been going on, and much more. Not a big deal. Well, I go sit down next to a girl at the table.

"Is there anyone sitting here?" I ask.

She smiles, "No."

I notice that she is younger than me. Now, this doesn't happen often at these functions. It is very strange for me. "Great."

We make small talk for some time, "Who invited you?" I ask.

"Matt," she states.

"Matt?" I ask as the guy who asks me walks up to me in a waiters uniform.

"Yeah, that's his name." she laughs.

He comes over and says "hey" then has to keep going on about his business. I am thinking, "so now he's working the event?" I am growing even more confused by the moment.

She and I talk some more, she is also working on the campaign as a college student. Oh my, she's a student. I am getting old here!

Two couples come and sit down who are also in the political realm. I talk to them like I've known them forever. That is what I get paid to do at my real job as I like to call it. Great, I am working. The next thing I know a Pastor sits down. Okay, another element to the conversation So we have 1 Baptist Pastor, 1 couple who works for a elected official at another table, 1 couple who is corporate, myself who works with everyone above, and my newly made friend who works at Outback and goes to college. Interesting topics.

This turns out to be a working banquet, meaning that they talk while you are eating. 'Well, that saves me.' I think. I am tired of talking to people, I've done so all day by this point.

During dinner Matt, again this is his name, fills our drinks and chats occasionally. Well, after we eat and he has cleared our dishes he brings himself a plate out and sits down between the preacher and I. He has on an apron, removes it from around his neck and eats this course. I laugh to begin with because I am so lost. He smiled and laughed as well, "I was hungry." Quickly he gets up and goes back to the kitchen. We sit and watch more of the program which is concerning sex and safe sex practices. Yes, I am at a banquet that basically concerts reproduction. Great.

I get a little uncomfortable about the topics at one point as they have people come up and testify to their stories about abortion. This is not a dinner topic-just to let you know.

Everyone at the table finally decides to eat desert except for the pastor. Not a big deal. Right. Matt comes back and sits down. He begins to eat his cheese cake, I remind him to take the apron off. He laughs and I can tell the girl next to me is not liking our conversation, oh well--it's Innocent. I mean, they are talking about abortion in front of us. Do you honestly think this is a date? No. Anyways. He eats his cheese cake, looks over at me and winks then takes the pastors chocolate cake and eats it too! I was about to crack up at the faces he was giving. Oh well though, not a date. I'm sitting at a VIP's table... be good Vivi. I kept telling myself that anyways.

Well, Matt stays for the rest of the program. They ask for donations in which I am a sucker, so I gave them a check. (Tax deductible mind you.)

After the program is over I stand and talk to Matt, the girl, and the elected official's campaign manager. They were all really nice. As I get out my business card to hand it to someone coming up to me Matt takes them. He starts singing, "Make it rain, make it rain..." I am cracking up by this point. Well, until I see that the girl has NO CLUE what song he is talking about. He just laughed and we talked a bit more.

Now, so I talked to the Campaign Manager. He's hot. Politicians don't make the best boyfriend, so I am thinking talking long to this guy can't be good. He is really nice though... says he will come by my office one day. Sounds great to me. :)

So I am finally ready to go, Grey's Anatomy came on that night and I needed to get home for it! (I only miss that show for coloring, and I wasn't coloring so I didn't care!) We all said our goodbyes and Matt thanked me for our 'date.' The girl gave me a look and the Campaign Manager must have been in on what happened so he just laughed.

I said my goodbyes, went to the car and called E and Blondie.

So--what do you do when a date isn't a date? When you try to be brave but it almost backfires? I say almost because I did enjoy the funny parts of the evening. The food was good, seeing business associates can be great, and laughter. I didn't know what to do. I tried the brave thing and it was interesting but do I honestly think I'll hear from him again? Not unless he has a table to fill. Do I think I'll see the Campaign Manager? Not really--though I have thought about asking my friend about him. But, honestly he has a name I don't even remember! How sad is that! It is different. Oh well, if you can't remember his name should you even be interested? Now, last names are a different story--this is a first name!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bob the Vegan ~ "Speed Dating

Today's Post comes to you from THE GUYS over at The Guy's Perspective, I love LOVE LOVE their blog! It's funny, insightful, and is a good insight into a guy's perspective. Now when I asked if they would guest blog they were more than happy to accept...... Now picking a post.... that was the hard part. They have so many great posts how could I pick just one? Since my blog has had a main focus on dating I figured I would go with that. Hope you enjoy!!

Bob and George are at a speed dating luncheon.

Bob: George, why did you drag me here? If Torrie finds out she's going to kill me.
George: C'mon Bob. I didn't want to look like a loser coming alone.

Bob: Well, what do you think everyone's here for? Everyone is single and alone. That's the point!
George: Well, it's just comforting having you here. I know you've got my back.
Bob: OK, I guess. One thing's for sure, this will be interesting.
Moderator: OK folks, let's get started. I think you know how this works. You get 5 minutes with each person. Try to get past small talk as quickly as you can. That way you can get a good sense of who the person really is. OK, are we ready?
Everyone nods.
Moderator: OK, here we go!!
Bob and George sit down with at different tables. We start with Bob.
Bob: Hi, how are you? I'm.....

Woman:(Cuts him off) How much money do you make?
Bob: Excuse me?
Woman: The moderator said, skip the small talk, so I am. How much money do you make?
Bob: You aren't even going to ask me my name?
Woman: Nope. It's not important. All that's important to me is how much you make. Don't waste my time if it's less than six figures.
Bob: Wow, you're a pleasant sort aren't you? What's your name?
Woman: (Ignores him) So do you make six figures or not?
Bob: Well, I happen to be an aspiring artist who.....(She cuts him off again)
Woman: Well good for you..... Next!
Bob: What do you mean next? How do you know I don't I don't make six figures?
Woman: Oh please. You're an artist! And look how you're dressed. No chance!
Bob looks down at himself.
Bob: What's wrong with what I'm wearing?
Bob: You're really not going to talk to me?
Bob: (Sarcastically) Boy, I'm so happy to have met you........(Note to self) Kill George!!
Meanwhile George is having a grand time. WE catch them in mid-conversation.
George: Well your job sounds like a blast. Except your boss of course. He sounds like a real piece of work.
Angie(His partner): Well he got "HIS" in the end.
George: What do you mean?
Angie: Well as I told you my boss had been hitting on me since I started working there. He just wouldn't leave me alone. So one night we had an office party. I slipped a little extra something in his drink. Then I called him in his office pretending I was going to give him what he wanted.
George: You are bad!
Angie: Well, I'm still getting to the good part.
George: That wasn't the good part?
Angie: No....So once he passed out I cranked the Air Conditioning so it was freezing in there. I pulled down his pants and let him lie there for a bit. You know SHRINKAGE......Then I took some photos.
George: Really? Uh.....

Angie: Yep. Then I put the pics on the work online bulletin board.
George: But couldn't you get in trouble for that?
Angie: Yeah, except he can't remember a thing. And no one else saw anything. He's also too embarrassed by the whole thing to even say anything. The pictures weren't very flattering if you know what I mean.
George: Ummm.....I guess so.......
Angie: I just don't like sleazy guys. You know the type. Always checking out women. Maybe into porn. Cheat......I'd do a lot worse if I caught my boyfriend cheating or something.
George gulps........
Angie: But, you seem like a nice guy. So what are your interests? What do you like to do with your free time?
George: Uhh.......
Moderator rings bell
Moderator: OK, next table.
Angie: Nice to have met you. I'm going to mark you down as someone I'd like to see again. Hope you do the same.
George: Uh, yeah sure. See ya.
George gives Bob a look. Bob nods in pain. They meet another seven women each. An hour goes by.
Moderator rings final bell.
Moderator: Thank you everyone. Please put your cards in the box and we'll let you know if you have any matches. Good luck!
Bob and George get out of there fast.
Bob: Thank god that's over! Out of the hour we were there, I must have sat in silence for half of it.
George: What?
Bob: Forget it. So did you meet anyone interesting?
George: Yeah, interesting, but Psycho!......Sorry Bob, this was a bad idea.
Bob: Don't think you're getting off that easy. You owe me big time.
George: Fine, I'll buy dinner.
Bob looks at him with that "this better be good" look.
George: OK, Yes, I'll take you to your favorite restaurant, "Sprouts Paradise"
Bob: All is forgiven.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Girly Things

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! Don'tcha just feel the excitement rolling off me? So the long anticipated weekend is here....... I hope to sneak out of work early today and begin my eight hour drive north for the Marine Ball.

Yep that's right, after much anticipation it is finally here! I got the 4runner loaded down and I am ready to hit the road...... but first I must suffer what is sure to be the longest day at work.

So I was convinced by my friends that I could actually fix my own hair for the ball. Now I'm not sure which part is more funny - the fact they actually believe I can do this or the fact that I actually thought that they may be right. Instead of practicing weeks ago like I had intended I found myself last night, during the midst of packing, trying to put hot rollers in my hair. Quite a task for a klutz like me, I might add. Finally I get all the dang things in and unsure of how long to leave them I once again return to packing. After some time I start to unroll not real sure of what the final product will be......... hmmm...... not to bad......... but not to good either........ Maybe I should state I don't really know how to fix my hair. It comes one of two ways: Straight (after some time with a hair dryer and a straightener) or Curly (not pretty, controlled curls but stuck your finger in a light socket curls). Either way the only "do's" I have mastered is ponytail, half up, or down. I mean anything else is why they're are beauticians...... right?

And make-up..... I don't wear much and it is sad when Vixen's 13 year old sister can apply makeup and eyeliner better than I can. Yes, sadly this is a true fact. When ever we go out Vixen, Vivi, or Blondie usually do my eye makeup for me. Much as the hair thing when it comes to makeup I am relatively clueless.

Marine points out that I'm not to good at the "girly things." I had never thought about it but he's right. When it comes to girly things I have no clue!! I mean growing up I was more concerned about being at the barn and Barrel Racing... I didn't care about makeup and dolling myself up. Now in later years I may be paying for those choices...... but sadly I really don't care.

So Monday is the actual ball.... I may or may not be the belle of the ball with perfect hair and makeup but either way I will have fun!

In my absence this week I have scheduled several guest bloggers. These are some of my favorite blogs to follow as well as some people I have become friends with thru blogging. I hope you enjoy their posts.

Watch for my twitter updates as well as Crackberry Confessions postings ~ Being this will probably be my only Ball (Maine gets out next yeat) this is going to by my red carpet event of the year. Yes I'm crazy. And yes I know this. But your reading me so what does that really say about you?? :)

Have a great weekend everybody!!

"You're really not good at girly things are ya?"
~ Marine ~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Winning Ticket

For years I had dreamed of hitting the lottery. The things I would do, the places I would go, the frivolous things I would buy (ahem, ahem... race horse farm.....), the people I would help out -- I mean the list is endless. But everyone always says that money does not buy happiness. Perhaps they are right, but have you ever noticed its always the people that are broke that are saying this?? I mean I tell myself this at least once a week. Normally when lusting after something I used to be able to afford (Bare Minerals makeup for example) but now have to do without or go for a cheaper version. However, I have yet to hear someone who actually has money utter this phrase.

Even though I have yet to win the lottery, in a money sense, I think I have hit the emotional jackpot.

Warning: I am about to get all mushy and gushy... which I rarely do and will probably read back at a later date and want to hurl at my "new love" mushiness. So for weak of stomach - you have been warned.

Marine is the most wonderful man I have ever met! There are not enough words in the English language to express just how great he really is. And honestly I always thought that genuinely good guys were a myth or perhaps a fairy tale. I've read about them but never really met one. I still think they are on the endangered species list.... but I now believe if you just look hard enough you may be lucky enough to find one.

For Christmas Marine gets a two week leave. During this time we have discussed taking a long weekend trip somewhere. Just the two of us. I have looked at hundreds of places online --hundreds..... 20..... ok 15...... maybe 10..... ok it was like 8 places..... but seemed like hundreds! Any way all of them seemed so expensive. Well maybe not expensive but more than I could afford right now.

When discussing destinations Marine said he would pay for the trip. I quickly tell him no. Call me crazy or maybe just independent but I feel like if we are taking a trip I to should pitch in. And then again I have never dated a guy that would even offer to pay. Normally with the losers of my past I was the one paying because I had a better paying job than they did (which is the nice way of saying I just didn't blow my money the way they did).

So imagine my surprise when Marine called yesterday and asked "What weekend were we planning on taking a trip? The 18th thru the 21st?"

"Yep," I reply (or something along those lines).

"Ok just making sure."

"Why?" I ask.

"I booked our trip," He replies mater of factly.

And he won't tell me where we're going. Some place tropical?? Some place to go snowboarding??? I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!

I love surprises but curiosity is about to get the best of me... especially since he told Vixen - who according to her "has to pack a special bag" for me to give to Marine. He has given me clues but nothing to which will help me figure out just where it is we are going.

To my curiosity his text replies, "Haha this is the best ever. The only thing you need to know about the trip is that your gonna have fun. We will have a blast. But not telling you may be more fun! And I'm not the best I'm just a loving boyfriend."

Yeah when it comes to the great boyfriend lottery I think I may just having a winning ticket (not to jinx myself --- always a little afraid of doing that).

In other news the Marine Ball is fast approaching! Have I shed the few pounds I had hoped to? NO. Have I laid in the tanning bed so I won't look so pasty white in my black dress? NO! Have I practiced fixing my hair and make-up so that I can do it on the day of the ball? NO!.......... There are just never enough hours in the day! Plain and simple.

But I'm excited! I leave Friday!

So on the phone tonight Marine and I were talking about the Ball.

"I still can't believe you asked my back in July," I laugh.

"What?? No I didn't! It was like August or September!" He says.

"No it wasn't. It was July cause we had just started dating and I couldn't believe you were already asking me since the Ball was months away."

"No way. It was September at least," He tries to convince me.

Now this is where the blog comes in handy. I tell him to just hold on one minute and I will check. I have told Marine about my blog in theory. But would I ever let him read it? Heck no! I mean if he were reading it how could I over analyze him?? So I pull up and search........ There it is ~ The POST I'm looking for........ dated........ July 28th.

I tell him this.

"Oh my ga so we had only been dating........" he pauses, "23 days!......" another pause as I am laughing, "and you wrote about it. Oh my ga everybody thinks I'm an idiot now don't they?" He to is now laughing to.

I tell him no that I received positive comments on that posts (Thanks Date Girl and Phoebe).

We jokingly banter back and forth for a few minutes laughing then he says, "Well when you know you know..... and you can put that in your blog!"

So he asked for it.

"...that thing, that moment when you kiss someone and everything around you becomes hazy...and you realize that this person is the only person that you're suppose to kiss for the rest of your life and for one moment you get this amazing gift and you want to laugh and you want to cry because you feel so lucky that you've found it and so scared that it will go away..."

~ Never Been Kissed ~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Ugly Truth

The Ugly Truth is that woman are crazy. Yes I did just go there. Now hear me out. I'm not saying that all women are crazy all the time. But even us most 'got it together' women have our crazy moments. Why is that? Maybe its hormons.... actions that are easily blamed on that time of the month. Yes this is a crock of shit and to us women this is a get out of jail free card that most men are willing to accept. Therefore we use it shamelessly....... you know I'm right.

Now I like to consider myself pretty level headed..... cool, calm, collected. Overall pretty easy going. This is not to say that I haven't had my share of crazy moments. Not that I can think of any right now off the top of my head but I'm sure Vivi will quickly post a comment happy to name more than a few times that she can recall.

Anyway moving on ------> So Marine didn't get to come home this weekend. Yes it sucks. Yes it was a little disappointing. But that's part of it. I knew that from the get go. So I suck it up, put my big girl panties on (after folding up the cute piece of lingerie I had been hoping to wear and putting it back in the dresser for a later date) and I deal with it.

Tonight Vixen and I rented a movie (The Ugly Truth), ordered Mexican take out and curled up on the couch for a cozy night in. Yes, I could have went out but honestly I really just wanted to sit at home and relax.

Marine on the other hand called and said he was going off base with his roommate and another friend to meet up with his other roommate, the roommates girlfriend and some of her friends. They were planning on going out to eat and then to a local bar.

I told him to have fun. Simple as that. We talk about five more minutes and then I let him go so I can eat my diner and that he can get ready to go meet his buddies.

A few moments later I get a text - Marine: "Wow every time we go out Wifey picks a fight with roommate." ---- one of his roommates is married. Mind you she lives in California and he is stationed on the east coast. Yes I know this must be extremely hard!

This gets me to thinking about relationships and distance. Marine is 500 miles away (well give or take). I don't expect him to just sit at the barracks all weekend. I mean how boring would that be? I want him to go out with his friends and have fun. He has worked hard all week, I know he was also disappointed about not getting to come home, and I think he deserves to go out and have fun.

The bottom line, I guess, is that I trust him.

I know that if I wanted to go out with my friends he would be supportive.

So why is it that the Wifey always (always) gets mad when they go out? I mean I know there is always two sides to every story.... but roommate usually stays in the room on the weekends and rarely goes out. Does she not want him to have a life outside of her?

Then I wonder will I ever get to that point? Will I develop a case of - "I can go out and have fun but you cannot go out and have fun with anyone but me" - syndrome. Lord I hope not!! The day you get to that point is the day you need to pack your bags and move on cause obviously you got issues. Ok maybe I shouldn't say that....... Throwing up of hands, Oh well!

Abby Richter, [gushing about Colin] "He's such a great guy."
Mike, [sarcastically] "Oh yeah, he's dreamy."
Abby Richter, "And he ticks numbers 1 to 10 on my list."
Mike, "Although, weren't points 1 to 9 pretty much about him being gay?"
~ The Ugly Truth ~

Friday, November 13, 2009

Long Week

Anyone who says that keeping up a blog is easy is full of crap! This week I have started approximately 4 blog posts but then not had the time to complete them and rather than post a half ass post I let it sit there lifelessly as a draft just waiting for when I have the time to finish them and hit the magic button...... publish.

This week marked the three year anniversary of the death of my dad. After three years you would think it would get easier. But it doesn't and part of me doubts it ever will. I guess that's part of being a daddy's girl. Mom and I went out for diner and each ordered a beer and cheers'ed for Dad. We miss him but know that he is in a better place and watching over us. Something that is easy to say and think but doesn't stop the tears from flowing once I am alone in the car on the way home.

Another important day this week was Veteran's day. As a proud Marine girlfriend, an Army sister, an Air force Granddaughter, and countless enlisted friends (past and present) I had many people to thank. Before dating Marine I knew that people in the military made sacrifices but there are some you forget to think about. Missed holiday's, birthdays spent out in the middle of nowhere...... some many things that we take for granted in every day life that they miss out on so that the rest of us can enjoy them. But the Veteran's are not the only one's who make sacrifices, so do their families - their wives, children, etc. All of whom make sacrifices so their loved can serve his (or her) country. If you did not tell a Veteran thank you - please do so.

On Veteran's day I received this link that I would like to share ~ What is a Veteran it is truly touching.

And Friday the 13th...... Marine was supposed to get to come home this weekend. We had all kinds of fun things planned. But his ride home fell thru. Disappointing...... yes. I won't lie. But I tell myself it could always be worse. And it really could.

So what to do this weekend? Ah..... what to do? After having a sinus headache for the better part of the day tonight I decided to rent Bride Wars, and curl up with a Dr. Pepper and Turtles. Sometimes a nice quite night at home is just what the doctor ordered.

This nation will remain the land of the free only so long as it is the home of the brave.

~ Elmer Davis ~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Daddy's Girl

Today marks three years since my dad passed away. It's hard to believe its been that long, when the pain still feels so fresh.
Today take the time to call your dad (or you mom) and just tell them that you love them.
After my dad passed away I wrote alot. It was my way of releasing all the grief I was experiencing but yet not having to burden anyone else. I was able to write about feelings and thoughts I was experiencing that I would have never been able to speak aloud. It was my way of dealing. A sort of free therapy. I have never shared those writings but from time to time I go back a reread them. Remembering the way I felt at that moment and the obstacles that I had yet to overcome. It helps me realize that even though I am still hurting and that I still miss him terribly, I am doing better.
I will always be a daddy's girl and I will always miss him. But I know that he is with me each and every day.
By Judy Burnette.
[ Poem Found At ~ In Loving Memory ] many images come to mind
whenever I speak your name;
It seems without you in my life
things have never been the same.

What happened to those lazy days
when I was just a child;
When my life was consumed in you
in your love, and in your smile.

What happened to all those times
when I always looked to you;
No matter what happened in my life
you could make my gray skies blue.

Dad, some days I hear your voice
and turn to see your face;
Yet in my seems
the sound has been erased.

Dad, who will I turn to for answers
when life does not make sense;
Who will be there to hold me close
when the pieces just don't fit.

Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time
and once more hear your voice;
I'd tell you that out of all the dads
you would still be my choice.

Please always know I love you
and no one can take your place;
Years may come and go
but your memory will never be erased.

Today, Jesus, as You are listening
in your home above;
Would you go and find my dad
and give him all my love.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Confessions

What is about alcohol that makes conversations get more interesting? Saturday night was the annual Halloween party. It was mixture of old and new friends. Overall it may have been one of the best parties I've ever thrown - in that there was no drama, everyone got along, and there really wasn't that much mess to clean up the next day!

Several of Marine's close friends were in attendance, all of which I knew but none of them really that well I guess. Near the end of the night one friend in particular came up to me.....

Marine Friend, "You know I usually hate Marine's girlfriends..... come to think of it I don't think I've ever liked a single one...." he pauses, "But I like you."

I laugh as I breath a sigh of relief, "thanks, that's good to know!"

Marine Friend, "Yep I already told Marine that your the one."

What is it with everyone saying that???? It's perhaps one thing for the girls friends to say things like that.... but guys really? I never knew they even thought that way I guess. This now makes Marine's third close friend that has said something of this extent to me.

Not knowing what to say I take a sip of my mixed drink and am luckily saved by Friend's wife as she comes in and starts up another conversation.

Anyway back to the party. Vixen's theme for us this year was Wizard Of Oz. Now I am not a big Oz fan but oh well. I had a Dorthy costume I planned to wear but my small chest was just not enough to fill it out so last minute Vixen and I switched. She was Dorthy, I was Glenda the Good Witch, Marine was the Scarecrow, and Hollywood was the Bad Witch. We probably had between 30 and 40 people show up and everyone was dressed up so I consider the party a success.

That night as Marine and I got ready for bed we talked about his friends comments. Maybe it was the alcohol or lack of sleep but as we lay there in the dark he confides that he has already told his mom he thinks I'm the 'one'. The idea of this excites me and terrifies me all at the same time.

And perhaps I should add here that Saturday at the horse show Hollywood's mom told my mom what all my friends think of Marine and I. She then adds that she thinks we will be married in two years and have kids within three years. Yes she tells my mom this.

I tell her that she is going to give my mom a panic attack to which my mom laughs and replies, "No she's not!" ~~~ The conversation is interrupted as I have to go set up the barrels for the next class.

Marine is wonderful! And I could really see us having a future together and......... as scary as it is for me to type the words...... I do believe he is the one. But after failed relationships I still can't help worry. It's part of my nature to worry I believe.

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Weekend Is Almost Here

It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining and best of all it's FRIDAY!!! Yay!!! And even better yet Marine is on his way home for the weekend! Double yay :) Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Rude Awakening

I am in a dead sleep, and I may or may not have been drooling slightly.... but that's beside the point. I am in a deep sleep when all of a sudden I am jarred awake by a loud noise. I try to focus as I blink my sleepy eyes. My heart is racing in the pitch dark room. I realize the noise is coming from my bathroom. A loud racket of scrapping and banging. I lay there frozen in panic when it dawns on me. ITS A MOUSE!!!

This would make this the fourth mouse to be precise! VB disposed of the third one about a two weeks ago when I was gone for the weekend to my mom's. Vixen had purchased a slew of sticky pad traps which at the time seemed like a good idea to her because she was afraid she would set a regular trap off on her finger.

As I hear the beating around in my bathroom I decide these sticky traps may not have been such a good idea....... I mean what am I going to do now.

I flip on my lamp. I think we all know that I am a wuss when its comes to mice by now. I call Vixen. Its 2:20 a.m. she answers groggily, "What?"

"We have a mouse we have a mouse! Itsstuckinthestickytrapweleftinmybathroom!!!!! Send VB down!!!"

"Put a trash can over it," her voice muffled.


"I don't want to wake him up, he's got to get up in a few hours."

"Ok," I relent and hang up.

The mouse has once again returned to banging around. I can't bring myself to go in. So what do I do? Like the coward that I am I (never leaving the safety of my bed) stretch my leg out and push the bathroom door closed. Then I gather a pillow and quilt and head upstairs for the couch.

I have mentioned before but I will reiterate..... I DESPISE basement dwelling!! And this being the 4th mouse is pretty much the final straw! My room is clean... I make sure to keep no food or anything like that in my room because I don't want to attract these little pests yet they always seem to turn up in my room and not upstairs. UGH!!!

I toss and turn on the couch waiting for my heartbeat to return to normal. At about six this morning VB is about to head out the door for work. Sleepily I follow him down to the basement so he can remove of the mouse. He opened the door and I climb on the bed as I point to the closed bathroom door, "It's in there."

He walks part way then stops..... "Isn't that the trap?" I follow his gaze and the sticky pad is poking half way out the door and half is still in the bathroom. He opens the door. No mouse. Demolished sticky pad? Yes. But no mouse. He searches my bathroom while I peak under my bed and my trunk. I have very little furniture and no real place for a mouse to hide. VB opens my closet and looks under my bookcase. No mouse.

Great just great.

Today I am going to get real mouse traps and poison! This is getting ridicules not to mention gross!

Definitely one of those nights I had wished Marine was here. He would have taken care of it and the mouse would have been gone. Maybe I just need to get brave though.

Robin, "So what was it, a cockroach or a mouse?"
Lily, "It was a cockamouse!"
Robin, "What?"
Lily, "It's some sort of mutant combination of the two. It's as if a cockroach and a mouse, you know..."
Barney, "Did the horizontal, ten-legged, interspecies cha-cha?"
Robin, "So it was a cocka-potato-mouse?"
Marshall, "Don't make this sound ridiculous. It's a cockamouse."
~ How I Met Your Mother ~

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Friends Approval

Last night Vixen, VB and I were attending a Halloween party at a friends house in the neighboring town. Marine is still on his training trip. His best friend texts me usually bout once a week since Marine has been gone just to see how he's doing, etc. The friend tells me he is also going to the party so I tell him he is more than welcome to ride with us. He accepts.

I have hung out with the friend on multiple occasions with Marine but I still don't know him that well and seeing that he is Marine's best friend I hope for his approval...... cause really lets face it if the best friend doesn't like you than your pretty much doomed. That goes for guys and girls alike.

The night went good. I played a new game I had never played before ~ Cornhole. Very fun! Vixen and I wore our costumes from last year, waiting to reveal this years costumes at our party next weekend. Why are we having a Halloween party the weekend after Halloween? 1. Marine will be back and be able to come and 2. on Halloween was the football game referred to as the largest cocktail party in the south - we had many friends going out of town to the game so made more sense to push the party back to the next weekend.

Overall a fun Halloween and I think it went good. I think I have the friends approval. But then again maybe I already had it and just didn't realize it.

Your not in until you get the nod of the friends

~ Failure to Launch ~