Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Friends Approval

Last night Vixen, VB and I were attending a Halloween party at a friends house in the neighboring town. Marine is still on his training trip. His best friend texts me usually bout once a week since Marine has been gone just to see how he's doing, etc. The friend tells me he is also going to the party so I tell him he is more than welcome to ride with us. He accepts.

I have hung out with the friend on multiple occasions with Marine but I still don't know him that well and seeing that he is Marine's best friend I hope for his approval...... cause really lets face it if the best friend doesn't like you than your pretty much doomed. That goes for guys and girls alike.

The night went good. I played a new game I had never played before ~ Cornhole. Very fun! Vixen and I wore our costumes from last year, waiting to reveal this years costumes at our party next weekend. Why are we having a Halloween party the weekend after Halloween? 1. Marine will be back and be able to come and 2. on Halloween was the football game referred to as the largest cocktail party in the south - we had many friends going out of town to the game so made more sense to push the party back to the next weekend.

Overall a fun Halloween and I think it went good. I think I have the friends approval. But then again maybe I already had it and just didn't realize it.

Your not in until you get the nod of the friends

~ Failure to Launch ~


Vivi said...

Yeah, yeah. You just do the party when you know that I can't come. I got it. LOL

Date Girl said...

Of course you had the friends approval! :-)

You're going to have to elaborate on Cornhole. That game just sounds dirty!!