Friday, November 20, 2009

The Girly Things

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S FRIDAY!!!!! Don'tcha just feel the excitement rolling off me? So the long anticipated weekend is here....... I hope to sneak out of work early today and begin my eight hour drive north for the Marine Ball.

Yep that's right, after much anticipation it is finally here! I got the 4runner loaded down and I am ready to hit the road...... but first I must suffer what is sure to be the longest day at work.

So I was convinced by my friends that I could actually fix my own hair for the ball. Now I'm not sure which part is more funny - the fact they actually believe I can do this or the fact that I actually thought that they may be right. Instead of practicing weeks ago like I had intended I found myself last night, during the midst of packing, trying to put hot rollers in my hair. Quite a task for a klutz like me, I might add. Finally I get all the dang things in and unsure of how long to leave them I once again return to packing. After some time I start to unroll not real sure of what the final product will be......... hmmm...... not to bad......... but not to good either........ Maybe I should state I don't really know how to fix my hair. It comes one of two ways: Straight (after some time with a hair dryer and a straightener) or Curly (not pretty, controlled curls but stuck your finger in a light socket curls). Either way the only "do's" I have mastered is ponytail, half up, or down. I mean anything else is why they're are beauticians...... right?

And make-up..... I don't wear much and it is sad when Vixen's 13 year old sister can apply makeup and eyeliner better than I can. Yes, sadly this is a true fact. When ever we go out Vixen, Vivi, or Blondie usually do my eye makeup for me. Much as the hair thing when it comes to makeup I am relatively clueless.

Marine points out that I'm not to good at the "girly things." I had never thought about it but he's right. When it comes to girly things I have no clue!! I mean growing up I was more concerned about being at the barn and Barrel Racing... I didn't care about makeup and dolling myself up. Now in later years I may be paying for those choices...... but sadly I really don't care.

So Monday is the actual ball.... I may or may not be the belle of the ball with perfect hair and makeup but either way I will have fun!

In my absence this week I have scheduled several guest bloggers. These are some of my favorite blogs to follow as well as some people I have become friends with thru blogging. I hope you enjoy their posts.

Watch for my twitter updates as well as Crackberry Confessions postings ~ Being this will probably be my only Ball (Maine gets out next yeat) this is going to by my red carpet event of the year. Yes I'm crazy. And yes I know this. But your reading me so what does that really say about you?? :)

Have a great weekend everybody!!

"You're really not good at girly things are ya?"
~ Marine ~


Date Girl said...

Wow the ball is already here? I can't wait to hear all about it!!
I'm with you-I'm terrible at the girly things. When there's an event, I either get a makeover at the MAC counter at the mall, or have my friends fix me up. They also do my hair, because mine comes out looking like limp macaroni!
Maybe there will be some other girls you can get ready with ahead of time before the ball. And if not, you know Marine will think you're gorgeous either way. Have a great time!!

Unwritten said...

You're going to be great. Your dress is amazing and like Date Girl said, Marine is going to think you're beautiful. Have a wonderful time.

phoebe said...

have a great time! i'm sure you will look beautiful and you will certainly be the belle of ball in marine's eyes! drive safely!!