Tuesday, November 24, 2009

So, I thought it was going to be a date, little did I know I would be working.

Today's post comes to you from one of my best friends who you know as Vivi.
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So about a week ago I come into my office from a lunch meeting. Standing in the hall as I try to get to my office is Office Mom and this semi-cute guy. You all know Office Mom (OM), she is the one that has got your back no matter what. She is going to fight for what is right no matter what and is a ton of fun. In other words, you wish she was your mother. Now, this guy. He was tall, dusty blonde hair, kinda skinny with blue eyes. Oh, did I mention he had on a rival team's shirt? Yeah, great!

Well OM says that she's going to lunch since I had made it back and that she would see me later. I said okay, "I'll call you if the party gets too big here and we need more beer."

She being the fun one just laughs. I notice that the guy is staring at me with one of those, 'is she kidding?' looks. I don't care, I don't know him.

So I continue into my office and sit down then start checking the mass amounts of e-mails that I have collected since I have been out. Yay, the usual.

Well, I hear the end door open and shut and can tell that it is the guy leaving because I hear here still in her office trying to get everything together to go. Well, I hear the front door bell ring and don't even get up to see who it is. I figure if I don't hear anyone in a second I will. Well, I continue to check my e-mail and then I look up.

He is standing there, cute even. 'Ok, what does he want?' I think.

"Ms. (Insert last name), what are you doing for dinner tomorrow night?" he says as he smiles and steps about two steps inside my office.

I am thinking, 'what in the world is going on here? Is he asking me out? Okay... just do it. E always says that I don't take chances with my personal life so here we go.' I lie and state that I have nothing going on.

"Then dinner is tomorrow night at seven," he smiles.

By this point I am CONFUSED. I don't even know his name, never seen him before. He is in the rival team's t-shirt. I've seen his truck and what he is doing there. Does he have a real job or does he just do campaign stuff? What am I thinking?

So I am like, "Okay, what is your name?"

By this time OM is standing behind him laughing. He states to OM, "She thinks I just asked her out on a date."

"That's what it sounded like," OM says. "Not a bad idea either."

At this point I am sitting behind my desk wondering what in the HELL is going on. Should I have told him the truth and said I had another meeting I needed to attend the next night? I lied. No, I just sit there dumbfounded.

He turns back towards me, "Okay it is at seven tomorrow night at the event facility."

"Okay, what is this?" I asked, "And what is your name?"

He ignores the name part. "You will be sitting at the elected official's table. I am trying to fill the table so he will buy it."

"Okay," I say as I wish I could climb under my desk or even better, out the window that is directly behind me.

"Great," he smiles, "when you get there just tell them who's table you are sitting at and I'll hopefully see you. I'm sitting with another official."

By this time OM has walked away, laughing. And I, well I was ranshacked. I don't know what else to say. I thought I was getting a date out of the deal but apparently I was going to a work type function banquet for a company that I do business with on a regular basis. Agh!

So, I didn't know what to do. The elected official to whose table I was to be sitting works in the same building I do. He was out of town at the time--but I still didn't know what to do. So, being the person who does what I say I'm going to I agreed to do it. What else was there to do? He smiled, said he would see me the next evening and left.

Well, when the elected offical's assistant got back from lunch I told her what happened. Her words, "Was it the dark headed one or the light headed one?" What? LOL This is how we refer to campaign staff? Great. I tell her and she laughs and wishes me luck.

Well, on to the next day. I had a golf tournament that my company was putting on the day of the event, see my prior blog for info on that one, and so I was hot and tired by the time I got off. I hurry to the dealership, where my car is being fixed, and then come home to get ready to go. I curl my hair, put on a cute dress, hot high heels and run out the door. I'm running late as usual.

When I get the event facility I go in and wait to be seated. As I am in line I see one of my colleagues get in line behind me. Here goes business talk. This lasted for a moment then I was led to my seat by a friend. She was asking me about a Kenny Chesney concert I had attended, what had been going on, and much more. Not a big deal. Well, I go sit down next to a girl at the table.

"Is there anyone sitting here?" I ask.

She smiles, "No."

I notice that she is younger than me. Now, this doesn't happen often at these functions. It is very strange for me. "Great."

We make small talk for some time, "Who invited you?" I ask.

"Matt," she states.

"Matt?" I ask as the guy who asks me walks up to me in a waiters uniform.

"Yeah, that's his name." she laughs.

He comes over and says "hey" then has to keep going on about his business. I am thinking, "so now he's working the event?" I am growing even more confused by the moment.

She and I talk some more, she is also working on the campaign as a college student. Oh my, she's a student. I am getting old here!

Two couples come and sit down who are also in the political realm. I talk to them like I've known them forever. That is what I get paid to do at my real job as I like to call it. Great, I am working. The next thing I know a Pastor sits down. Okay, another element to the conversation So we have 1 Baptist Pastor, 1 couple who works for a elected official at another table, 1 couple who is corporate, myself who works with everyone above, and my newly made friend who works at Outback and goes to college. Interesting topics.

This turns out to be a working banquet, meaning that they talk while you are eating. 'Well, that saves me.' I think. I am tired of talking to people, I've done so all day by this point.

During dinner Matt, again this is his name, fills our drinks and chats occasionally. Well, after we eat and he has cleared our dishes he brings himself a plate out and sits down between the preacher and I. He has on an apron, removes it from around his neck and eats this course. I laugh to begin with because I am so lost. He smiled and laughed as well, "I was hungry." Quickly he gets up and goes back to the kitchen. We sit and watch more of the program which is concerning sex and safe sex practices. Yes, I am at a banquet that basically concerts reproduction. Great.

I get a little uncomfortable about the topics at one point as they have people come up and testify to their stories about abortion. This is not a dinner topic-just to let you know.

Everyone at the table finally decides to eat desert except for the pastor. Not a big deal. Right. Matt comes back and sits down. He begins to eat his cheese cake, I remind him to take the apron off. He laughs and I can tell the girl next to me is not liking our conversation, oh well--it's Innocent. I mean, they are talking about abortion in front of us. Do you honestly think this is a date? No. Anyways. He eats his cheese cake, looks over at me and winks then takes the pastors chocolate cake and eats it too! I was about to crack up at the faces he was giving. Oh well though, not a date. I'm sitting at a VIP's table... be good Vivi. I kept telling myself that anyways.

Well, Matt stays for the rest of the program. They ask for donations in which I am a sucker, so I gave them a check. (Tax deductible mind you.)

After the program is over I stand and talk to Matt, the girl, and the elected official's campaign manager. They were all really nice. As I get out my business card to hand it to someone coming up to me Matt takes them. He starts singing, "Make it rain, make it rain..." I am cracking up by this point. Well, until I see that the girl has NO CLUE what song he is talking about. He just laughed and we talked a bit more.

Now, so I talked to the Campaign Manager. He's hot. Politicians don't make the best boyfriend, so I am thinking talking long to this guy can't be good. He is really nice though... says he will come by my office one day. Sounds great to me. :)

So I am finally ready to go, Grey's Anatomy came on that night and I needed to get home for it! (I only miss that show for coloring, and I wasn't coloring so I didn't care!) We all said our goodbyes and Matt thanked me for our 'date.' The girl gave me a look and the Campaign Manager must have been in on what happened so he just laughed.

I said my goodbyes, went to the car and called E and Blondie.

So--what do you do when a date isn't a date? When you try to be brave but it almost backfires? I say almost because I did enjoy the funny parts of the evening. The food was good, seeing business associates can be great, and laughter. I didn't know what to do. I tried the brave thing and it was interesting but do I honestly think I'll hear from him again? Not unless he has a table to fill. Do I think I'll see the Campaign Manager? Not really--though I have thought about asking my friend about him. But, honestly he has a name I don't even remember! How sad is that! It is different. Oh well, if you can't remember his name should you even be interested? Now, last names are a different story--this is a first name!

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Date Girl said...

It doesn't sound like he made that much of an impression on you. What an awkward evening! I don't think I'd want to say yes to another event like that.