Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween Confessions

What is about alcohol that makes conversations get more interesting? Saturday night was the annual Halloween party. It was mixture of old and new friends. Overall it may have been one of the best parties I've ever thrown - in that there was no drama, everyone got along, and there really wasn't that much mess to clean up the next day!

Several of Marine's close friends were in attendance, all of which I knew but none of them really that well I guess. Near the end of the night one friend in particular came up to me.....

Marine Friend, "You know I usually hate Marine's girlfriends..... come to think of it I don't think I've ever liked a single one...." he pauses, "But I like you."

I laugh as I breath a sigh of relief, "thanks, that's good to know!"

Marine Friend, "Yep I already told Marine that your the one."

What is it with everyone saying that???? It's perhaps one thing for the girls friends to say things like that.... but guys really? I never knew they even thought that way I guess. This now makes Marine's third close friend that has said something of this extent to me.

Not knowing what to say I take a sip of my mixed drink and am luckily saved by Friend's wife as she comes in and starts up another conversation.

Anyway back to the party. Vixen's theme for us this year was Wizard Of Oz. Now I am not a big Oz fan but oh well. I had a Dorthy costume I planned to wear but my small chest was just not enough to fill it out so last minute Vixen and I switched. She was Dorthy, I was Glenda the Good Witch, Marine was the Scarecrow, and Hollywood was the Bad Witch. We probably had between 30 and 40 people show up and everyone was dressed up so I consider the party a success.

That night as Marine and I got ready for bed we talked about his friends comments. Maybe it was the alcohol or lack of sleep but as we lay there in the dark he confides that he has already told his mom he thinks I'm the 'one'. The idea of this excites me and terrifies me all at the same time.

And perhaps I should add here that Saturday at the horse show Hollywood's mom told my mom what all my friends think of Marine and I. She then adds that she thinks we will be married in two years and have kids within three years. Yes she tells my mom this.

I tell her that she is going to give my mom a panic attack to which my mom laughs and replies, "No she's not!" ~~~ The conversation is interrupted as I have to go set up the barrels for the next class.

Marine is wonderful! And I could really see us having a future together and......... as scary as it is for me to type the words...... I do believe he is the one. But after failed relationships I still can't help worry. It's part of my nature to worry I believe.


phoebe said...

i hear ya... you are lucky to have found someone that you feel this way about... i'm happy for you and only wish you bestest!

Unwritten said...

It is scary! I haven't said it out loud but I think Firefighter is the one...I'm so happy for you. From reading about your past relationships we seem to have a lot in common so it's natural to worry. And this is going to sound hypocritical coming from me, who worries about EVERYTHING, but just enjoy it. :o)

Date Girl said...

For any woman who has had their heart broken, it's natural to worry. But it's also great that you can admit to yourself what is glaringly obvious to everyone else, this guy is the one! :-) Enjoy the time you have together, and try not to worry too much about the future.

THE GUYS said...

Just gave you a Best Blogger award on our site. Congrats!! And thanks!