Saturday, December 26, 2009

The First Christmas

For a moment I want to step out of the box and ignore the sadness that surround the holiday and focus on the good parts that did occur.

This was my first with Christmas with Marine. I was excited to spend this time of year with him. The night before Christmas eve we arrived at his mom's house, over night bag in hand. Since his parents are divorced his mom and stepdad always do their Christmas morning on Christmas Eve morning. This year Marine Mom invited me to come and spend the night to, something that I still wasn't sure I was quite comfortable with.

I mean I know that she knows that when he's home he stays with me, etc. but still - staying at your boyfriends mom's house with your boyfriend? I don't know.

The night was spent watching movies - Marine, his mom, stepdad, little sister, and myself. At some point sleep took over and the next thing I knew I awoke to credits rolling across the flat screen - the light from the TV the only light in the otherwise dark living room. When I moved Marine also stirred. It seems everyone else had gone to bed sometime before.

We got up and headed for his old room, where we slept on a twin bed.

The next morning everyone was gathered around the Christmas Tree and gifts were exchanged and opened. It was nice to feel like part of the family.

And in true family fashion Marine threw me under the bus.

"E didn't want to stay last night cause she was afraid she was disrespecting you," he tells his mom.

She laughs, I blush.

"Oh no!! We wanted you to stay!" she exclaims while step dad mutters something about us not even wanting to know about their dating days then.

It eased my mind but that still didn't stop the death look I sent Marine's way.

Christmas Eve Marine and I spent at home. After returning from the hospital it just really doesn't feel like Christmas. We curl up and lay in bed watching Santa Clause 2 before drifting to sleep.

The next morning we awake and exchange stockings. We decided not to do gifts this year - just stockings. And it worked out perfectly and I must say I was surprised at the small, thoughtful items that filled my stocking.

I know, I know I'm gushing again lol but he seems to amaze me more and more everyday.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas filled with love and smiles!!

Ross: [receiving his Christmas gift] "You got me a cola drink."
Chandler: "And a LEMON LIME."
Ross: "You shouldn't have. I feel like I should get you another sweater."
Joey: "And last but not least."
[Monica receives her gift]
~ Friends ~


phoebe said...

haha. i'm well aquainted with the uncomfortableness with sleeping at your boyfriends parents house... it does get easier, i will tell you that :-)

Date Girl said...

Lol, I haven't blogged about Christmas with Match's family, but we celebrated it on New Year's Day. That night his mom pushed the twin beds in the guest room together which was totally awkward. Of course we did nothing together. In the morning his dad was teasing us and saying how when they were dating he would have tied the beds together because they would have moved so much. EWWW!