Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There's Just Never Enough Time

So for the past few weeks I have attempted (attempted being the key word here) to write numerous posts. All of which had a specific subject, etc. I start the new post. Write a few witty sentences. And then something happens to: A) distract me B) cause me to return to work C) or the phone rings. Anyway the end result is all the posts are left unfinished and I am left with just not enough hours in the day!

So I never finished up the last of my trip. To sum it up it was amazing! I had a wonderful time.

Thanksgiving - went to my grandparents, and took Marine to his first family function. All was going good till my bitch of a cousin called Marine by X's name. I foresaw this coming. She is one of those type of people and I expected nothing less of her than some sort of embarrassment. Marine handled the situation well and didn't acknowledge the mistake out loud but it was apparent to me that he caught it. (discussion followed later when just the two of us, he takes things in stride well.) Other than that the day was smooth and I think the family really like him.

That evening we met Vixen, VB, and Marine's Best Friend and went and watched the lighting of the Macy's tree. It was beautiful and the concert before hand was quite good to. Fun times.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went to Marine's family's Thanksgiving diner. I met the whole family and things went good.

Work has been busy which is great! And my secondary jobs have been very busy keeping me up till nearly midnight. Which is great, I need the money.

This past weekend was Christmas Party weekend! Vixen's office party was Friday night and I go with her every year. And every year her boss buys tons of alcohol and then we play a game. I ended up coming hope with a bottle of Grey Goose and Vixen a Crate Barrel wine glass set.

Saturday night was my office Christmas party. It to went smoothly. I went with Office Mom (not my real mom but I'm sure everyone has an office mom) and we snuck out early. I mean I like most of the people I work with but not enough to hang out with them all night. And the main people I love from work weren't there so I was eager to get home to my nice warm bed.

Sad. I know.

Sunday, now Sunday was a big day for me. It was Marine's family Christmas.

Marine was still on base mind you.

Marine's mom invited me to the family thing early last week. And we all know that I do not say no very well. So after much inner debate (and advice from friends) I decided to go. So my first Christmas with Marine's family I attended solo.

I'm not even going to lie..... I was a nervous wreck.

But I thought of it like Barrel Racing.... I'm always nervous when I'm sitting waiting for my turn, but once in the shoot it's like that part of your mind shuts down and you do what comes natural.

Like the comparison? So I knew I would be nervous before hand but sure that once I got there things would go good.

I was right. It went wonderful. Everyone was nice and treated me just like one of the family. Every year their tradition is that they all get gifts for the small kids but the adults play a game. Marine's grandma buys a bunch of random items (all the way from toilet paper and laundry detergent to bath body works items and tools). All of it is stuff you would actually use. Which is nice. I mean have you bought toilet paper lately? Not cheap.

All the items are spread around on the kitchen island and everyone gathers around. His Grandma then pulls out a stack of envelopes and you go around the circle and drawing one when it is your turn. Each envelope has a slip of paper in it saying: Pick 1, Pick 2, Oops! (you get passed), telling you to pick a present for someone else, or telling you do something silly. There were approximately 4, yes 4 silly cards. And it would be my luck that I would I draw one.

I promised myself before going that I would not do anything to embarrass myself at this first family Christmas. WRONG. After several rounds it is once again my turn. I pull open the envelope and pull out the paper seeing writing scribbled all over it. Before reading it I know its not going to be good. One uncle has already had to sing 'I'm to Sexy', Marine's step-dad has had to sing Blue Christmas while doing his best Elvis move, and the other Uncle has had to make race car noises. I read the card aloud.

Now I should once again reiterate that I live in the south where every man hunts (well any guys guy). My card says that Marine's Grandpa has to teach me how to do a hog call. After which we both can pick a present.

Everyone laughs and I'm not sure who looks more like a deer in the headlights; Grandpa or myself. As he tries to control his laughter Grandpa does a hog call. I am laughing so hard I am nearly in tears and my face is the darkest shade of red you can imagine. I AM SO EMBARRASSED! All eyes are on me now. And everyone is laughing along with me.

I try to catch my breath, I put my hands up to mouth in imitation and do it. Not quite like Grandpa did but taking in to factor the embarrassment and my hurry to get it over, it was ok.

Everyone continues to laugh (including me) as I reach in to pick a present. I go with bath salts figuring I will need to wind down after this. Grandma puts her arm around me and hugs me, laughing and teasing me about how red my face is as Grandpa and the Uncles all laugh saying I did well. Marine mom is still doubled over in laughter and I think is officially crying at this point.

After that round I was cautious when reaching for an envelope.

I had fun and was glad I went. Marine's family was very welcoming. And if that was some kind of initiation..... I think I passed.

Carrie, "It's just smooth sailing, nothing but calm seas and blue horizons, as far as the eye can see. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
Miranda, "Absolutely! There's not a cloud in sight."
Carrie, "We adore each other, we have fun together, we mesh."
~ Sex and the City ~


Date Girl said...

You definitely passed any sort of family test just by being invited alone! That must have been nerve racking. That game sounds like a lot of fun, and probably made it much less awkward than standing around having small talk! You are so IN with Marine's family! :-)

phoebe said...

you are brave girl!! i'm glad that you had fun :-) was there ever any doubt the fam wouldn't like you?! haha. yay for passing the test :-)

ONE of THE GUYS said...

That is beautiful! I'd say you passed. Laughter will do that. And people love to see that someone can laugh at themselves.

You describe your feelings well. It brings me back to my courtship days. I was always so nervous around my wife's family. Now I just do my own thing and they deal with me. (I'm kind of kidding) :)

I'd love to hear your version of the hog call sometime. Too funny!