Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Trip ~ Part 1

Thanks again to all my guest bloggers while I was away last week!! I hope you enjoyed their posts as much as I did. Also I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and ate to much! I know I did!!!! Now about my trip.....

Day 1 ~ Friday, November 20th

At 2:30 p.m. I hit the road giddy and excited despite the long hour drive that lay ahead of me. I finally arrived around 9:30 p.m., Monster in hand, I was ready for a night out on the town with the guys. Marine's Marine friends were down and going out with us. Me and 5 guys..... gotta love nights out with the boys. They are always fun to say the least (not to mention full of laughs)! I had met several of the guys on my last trip up to base so an easy friendship had already been established and I felt at ease with the group. It was nice to get to know Marine's friends a little better.

We drifted among several bars and at the end of the night took a cab back to the apartment. (We were once again staying at Marine's roommates girlfriends apartment but she was out of town till Monday.)

Day 2 ~ Saturday, November 21st

Saturday the boys all left the apartment early leaving me and Marine all alone. It was cloudy outside so we used the bad weather as an excuse to lay in bed and watch TV.

Seeing as it was New Moon opening weekend somehow I had been able to talk Marine into going with me to see it. I will chalk this lapse in judgment on his part up to the new not quite have being worn off our relationship yet. Either way as soon as he agreed weeks ago I jumped on Fandango and purchased the tickets before he could change his mind.

He had never watched Twilight so Saturday afternoon we curled up on the couch and watched it. Maybe I've seen it to many times or perhaps I was trying to watch it thru a guys eyes. I focused on different aspects than I have the other times I have watched it and realized in away just how sickeningly cheesy it can be. But I'm still hooked despite myself...... I mean the books were so good!!

Marine was a good sport and watched Twilight while we ate lunch on the couch. He paid attention and even discussed aspects of the moving perhaps to solidify to me that he had indeed been paying attention.

Once the movie ended we spent the rest of the afternoon watching College Football, you know so I wouldn't totally strip him of his man card.

We then went to eat at Fox and Hound. Which was oh so delicious! Spinach dip followed by BBQ chicken pizza, washed down with cold beer all while watching football..... how much better can you get??!!!

We finished eating and since we were seeing the movie at 8 figured we should get there a little early. We figured 30 minutes would be fine but we had spare time and nothing else to do so we went and ahead and walked across the street to theater....... which was packed......... and we were almost a hour early! So we took our place in line and waited a short time before we were allowed to enter the theater.

The place was packed with teeny-boppers all sporting shirts that read "Team Edward" or "Team Jacob". All of which also had to scream as soon as Edward made his first appearance on the big screen. I myself showed some self-control and restrained my excitement but just about lost my cool when I saw Jacob's abs. I mean 16, really?? Every woman over the age of 21 probably went home and cried after seeing those abs.

I thought the movie was good, not as good as the book - but then they never are. Of all the books I think this was my least favorite just because how depressed and self-consumed Bella was at the beginning. But I loved the introduction of the werewolf's and the excitement that is sure to follow. As we left the theater Marine declares he is Team Jacob. I just shake my head and laugh not realizing that later on during the week he would then have a heated discussion with one of his guy buddy's as to why he is Team Jacob.

Day 3 ~ Sunday, November 22nd

On Sunday we thought we would do a nice deed. His other roommates wife was flying in from California and the roommate does not have a car on base. So instead of him renting a car for the day we offered to take him to the airport to pick her up. Simple........


Marine thought the airport was about an hours drive from base. And we were staying about an hour from base in the other directions. If you do the math that makes for a 2 hour trip. We left the apartment at 12:30 and did not arrive back till 11:00 that evening.

So there went Day 4.

Oh well. That's what friends are for.

Plus it was nice to meet Roommates Wife. She was really nice and we hit it off instantly, a relief seeing as it looked like she would be the only female I would know before the ball. I had hopes she would be able to help me with my hair but after a drunken phone call on Day 1 I learned she to was not so good at the "girly things". Turns out she had hoped I would be able to help her. Over diner that evening we discussed how we were both screwed.

To be continued.....

"As the clock began to toll out the hour, vibrating under the soles of my sluggish feet, I knew I was too late—and I was glad something bloodthirsty waited in the wings. For in failing at this, I forfeited any desire to live."
~ Bella Swan, New Moon, Preface, p.2 ~


Date Girl said...

I'm so with you on the New Moon being the least favorite book. However, I thought this latest movie was better than the first. A lot less cheese! Match was actually a willing participant. I blogged about the movie on my site too, hehe. Gotta love those Jacob abs, YUH-UM. It motivated Match to work out all weekend, yayyy! :-) I love the way he looks but I wouldn't complain if he sported those abs!!

I can't wait to hear about the ball. Don't leave me hanging!

Jenn said...

yeah, can't wait to hear about the ball either :)

Unwritten said...

I think I've just found the one thing I disagree with you on and we usually seem to see eye to eye. Twilight is not my favorite series. I don't know why I couldn't enjoy it. I read the first one and then had to force myself to finish the second. However, I agree with Marine. If I had to choose a team it would be for Jacob.
Anyway, I can't wait to hear about the rest of your trip. Hurry and post it!!! :o)

THE GUYS said...

Welcome back! Thanks again for having us last week.

Your trip sounds like a lot of fun, and yes Marine was a good sport about the movies!

As far as "Twilight" goes. I think most guys are Team Jacob. In part because we like to root for the underdog. Or in this case the Underwolf!