Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Photo Shoot

Oh how I love days with the girls! This past week was hectic but Sunday things slowed down as I met up with Vixen, Blondie, Giggles, and Nurse Betty and we headed to another friends house for a photo shoot. Our unnamed friend dabbles a little in photography and talked us all into participating in a Valentine's day photo shoot.

Sexy lingerie and all.

This was something I had never done before and was more than just a little nervous when we arrived. But the fact that only my close friends were there seemed to ease my mind as we all began to got ready. Blondie went about fixing hair and applying make-up.

It was a fun day. I had a great time spending the day with some of my closest friends and hopefully some of the pics will turn into a great V-day gift!! Have to wait and see.

Chandler, "Guys, I need your help, I don't know what to get Monica for Valentine's Day."
Rachel, "Well, Valentine's Day was two weeks ago so I wouldn't get her a calendar!"

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Date Girl said...

Ohhh how fun! I can't wait to feel confident enough with my body to take sexy pics. Good for you!! Plus having your close friends there just makes it fun and boosts the confidence even more. Marine is going to LOVE those pictures.