Monday, January 11, 2010

Right Ring, Right Guy

Remember the episode when Carrie finds the engagement ring in Aiden's bag? And then she promptly throws up? (If you don't watch the above clip).

Over breakfast she brings up the conversation....

Charlotte, "Your getting engaged!"

Carrie,"I threw up. I saw the ring and I threw up. That's not normal."

Samantha, "That's my reaction to marriage."

Charlotte, "What did the ring look like?"

Carrie, "That's the other thing. The ring was not good."

Miranda, "What do you mean?"

Carrie, "It was a pear shaped diamond......... with a gold band."

{Ew, Yuck, Gasps!}

Samantha, "No wonder you threw up"

Carrie, "It's just not me."

Then she goes on to say,

"How can I marry a guy who doesn't know which ring is me?"

Samantha, ".....Wrong ring wrong guy."

I bring this up because for some reason that has always stuck with me. Why I'm not sure. Wrong ring, Wrong guy. Leave it to Samantha to sum it up so nicely. It made me wonder if anyone has ever thought this in real life?? Did you ever wonder if someone was Mr. Right then he picks a ring that is so not you? Or is that shallow?

This does not apply to me, perhaps I should have already pointed that out. When Marine stood there holding that open ring box all I could think was how perfect it was. So in my case it's -- Right Ring, Right Guy. lol But seriously for some reason the next day this episode was in my mind.

Today so many girls actually pick out their own engagement rings, either subtly by dropping hints or by full fledged going shopping with the guy. The hint part.... *turn of head, thinking*..... I can understand that in away. But going and picking out your own ring? No, not for me.

Marine picked out the ring all on his own. No hints. No clues. Nada. It was a total surprise. And in all honesty that made it all the more special to me. The fact the he picked out a ring that is so me. It's simple, yet beautiful all the same time. The middle stone is not exceptionally large or gaudy, it is the perfect size for my small hand. Elegant and appropriate.

I'm simple, I don't wear much jewelry and would never feel comfortable with a huge, gaudy, eye catching ring. Does that make sense?

The fact he picked out the perfect ring to suit me and my personality, perhaps speaks something of itself.

His Mom told Giggles that he narrowed it down to four rings he liked and then he held them up side by side to see which one didn't stand up quite as tall. Why? Because he thought that if it sat up to high it would get in the way as I work at the barn, etc. He was looking for the perfect ring to suite my active lifestyle. The fact he put so much thought into it. How can a girl who picks out her own ring lose the insight of what the guy may have chosen for her? What if without her help he would have chosen the wrong ring? Would she still say yes? Or would she think, "Wrong ring, Wrong guy."?

My Right Ring, From My Right Guy


phoebe said...

well put... still so many congrats. have you both decided about when you'd like to get married?

Date Girl said...

I really liked that episode because it's so true. I've received a ring from one other guy, and it was just a right hand ring. But it was the same sort of thing-horrible horrible, it was all wrong. It was gold, and HEART SHAPED. Ewwww.

I'm glad you've got your right guy and your right ring. I also agree about the picking the ring out thing, what is that?? Take away all the surprise why don't you? I gave Match ideas but he knew, and what he picked out was nothing like what I had hinted at, it was by far better.

Yes, when is the date?? Hopefully we're not on the same day, haha. But I doubt that, we're waiting awhile. Oh, and is he still here? Have you talked about where you'll live??? So many questions.