Saturday, January 16, 2010

Setting A Date & Buying a Dress

The date has been set: May 7, 2011.

Marine deploys here soon and will not return for 7 to 8 months, which puts us around Christmas time. We both have decided we want to get married outside, because we are both outdoor people. And he gets out of the Marines in March, and March is still part of the winter months here. April is normally a month of rain. So May will give him a few months to get settled and the first weekend in May will probably be the first warm weekend to be outside..... we hope.

It seems like forever away. Marine likes the idea because he says he plans on coming back from Afghanistan and me having everything planned. Which is apparently any groom's idea of the perfect wedding. I on the other hand want him to be involved. So we are trying to decide on all the major things before he leaves.

So this month while he is in California, I am trying to find locations for us to look at together when he comes home for a few short days before deployment.

Easier said then done. We will be paying for this, and have set a budget. Locations are not cheap and the pasture out behind the barn is starting to look better and better every time I look at a location and see the price tag.


But in good news, I bought a dress. Or perhaps I should say THE Dress. A little early, yes I know.

Earlier in the week I was bored at work and looking at David's Bridal. I see a dress that I had fallen in love with before when going dress shopping for a friend last year. It's on clearance. $99 dollar sale. Online only.

I debate. And toss the idea back and forth about ordering it. I consult with Vixen, Giggles, and Babbles, who help me come to the conclusion that if on Friday (yesterday) they still have the dress in my size I will order it.

The only problem is with online sales is that if you get it and it doesn't fit there are no refunds and no exchanges. I search Ebay and Craigslist though and decide if it doesn't fit my chances of reselling it seem pretty good.

Yesterday I search and there are only 3 sizes left available. One of those being my size. I take it as a sign and I enter in my debit card number and press order.

If it fits (fingers crossed hoping it will) I will be quite proud of myself for saving money and for getting my dress for under the budgeted amount.

I love it!! It is simple, but beautiful at the same time. Free flowing, and not to puffy. I'm not a puffy person.

Edie, "Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go and buy a wedding dress. Oh, and by the
way, I'll be wearing white, so that'll be a surprise for everybody

~ Desperate Housewives ~


Jenn said...

the dress is gorgeous! hope that is works out for you and thats awesome that you found it for that price!

phoebe said...

very pretty dress!! you are so way ahead of the game! haha. i'm sure you'll have lots of fun planning :-)

Date Girl said...

Your date is a week off from mine! But we're still not set in stone. Now there's talk of moving it up to October of 10. ACK!

I think you should seriously consider the barn/pasture idea. Just keep in mind that rentals of tables, chairs, etc could be really expensive too. But a barn and pasture would fit you both so well! Happy planning! And wow, that is early to get the dress! Still, great price, and you're right worst case scenario you're only out 99 bucks if you change your mind.