Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sorry Just Had To Share

So last night I bartended at Sports bar (yeah it's been awhile), with one of my best guy friends. Early in the night before the crowd hit we were chatting catching up. He is telling me about his recent bday bash (I was sick and didn't get to go). And this made me laugh so hard I just had to share. Sounds like a comment off a TV show.

Girl, "I think you need to stop drinking."

Guy gives skeptical look.

Girl, "You know what happens when you drink to much."

Guy, "Yeah I like you alot better."

Maybe it's mean to laugh but it so sounded something like off of How I Met Your Mother or something!


One of The Guys said...

That is funny!

So now you're bartending? Or is this a one off?

One of The Guys said...

Looking forward to your next post E!

See ya around.