Friday, February 12, 2010

All Week Long We Look Forward To The Weekend

Marine is on his way home! I'm so excited!

Well despite the following snow outside that will hopefully not become a problem for his travels. Like an impending doom though my email MSN horoscope this morning said....

If you find yourself dealing with some disappointments today, E, try not

to let it get you down. You may receive a letter or a phone call that brings

less than favorable news. Perhaps someone you were hoping to have a

visit with someone who won't be able to make it or a friend has to turn down

an invitation to a party you're having. Try not to let this spoil your mood.

These things happen. Keep yourself busy and enjoy your day.

Yeah kinda of an impending doom, especially when I look out the window and see the snow falling - but ever the optimist I keep my spirits up that he will make it home tonight.

This is going to be a great weekend - jam packed full!

Tomorrow is going to be - Wedding Location day. Yes, even though the wedding is over a year away we are going to look at locations tomorrow. Marine deploys soon so this will be the last chance we will have to go together and look at places.

We are also using this as an opportunity for our Mom's to meet. We are meeting them both for lunch and then the four of us will go look at possible locations. As of now I have four on the list for us to look at. All local and all will be budget friendly.
I know that our mom's will hit it off. I'm looking forward to meeting them and spending the day with them. Marine and I are both family oriented and close to our mom's, so it should be a fun day. If the weather cooperates!
Then Saturday night we are going out to diner with friends. All of my usuals, along with Marine's group of friends. It is his deployment send off diner. I'm sure drinks will be involved and it could turn into a late night.
Sunday is V-Day. Not sure what exactly we are going to do that day, but I can guarantee you will hear about it later. Sunday evening Marine and I will attend a family diner at his grandparents house. I love his family and I look forward to being a part of it.
And Monday. Monday is our day. I have taken off work and we have no plans! And I am ssssssssssooooooooooo looking forward to it!! We are going to spend the day just us. Sleep in late, get up and do whatever we so choose. Go to a matinee or stay in and cuddle on the couch and watch re-runs ~ either way I'm looking forward to a slowdown.
And Tuesday morning Marine will head back to base and I'm off to the orthodontist to get my braces off! Can't believe it has been almost a year since the accident ~ and they said I'd only wear braces 3 months - pssh - right!
Hope everyone has a great weekend!! Can't wait to hear you V-Day Stories!

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One of The Guys said...

Hope you had a great Valentine's Day weekend.

I have nothing interesting to report. I had to work.

But after work, the five of us, sat down and watched "ET" together. The kids loved it. I couldn't believe how young Drew Barrymore was. Shit am I that old??

After that my wife and I sat by the fire and had some nice alone time.