Sunday, February 21, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Saturday morning Marine and I were enjoying laying in bed and being lazy, when his phone went off. The day before we had parked his truck at his mom's office and placed a for sale sign in the window. Marine figures that since he'll be gone for 8 months he won't be needing it so he may as well sell it and put the money in the bank and buy something else when he gets back.

The call when was someone wanting to look at the truck. So Marine jumps out of bed and heads to town. Leaving me with plenty of time to get ready. I take a long, hot shower - enjoying the fact I don't have to be in a hurry. I call the Mom's and set up a meeting time and then finish getting ready.

Marine and I then meet our Mom's and his little sister and head to a local place for lunch. Our Mom's have hit it off and get along great. The day is beautiful!! The temperature in the low 60's teasing us that spring is just around the corner.

After lunch we spend the day looking at possible wedding locations. We visited two locations, the first one being a local ranch that we are friends with the owners. It has beautiful fields with a river running along the edge. It is beautiful and peaceful. Perfect for the low-key wedding we have planned. Plus I have a feeling it will be more in our budget. Here are a few pictures, but keep in mind our wedding will be in May when everything is green and blooming.

This is the river, this is what will be behind the arch. The pretty field is behind me and out of shot in this pic. Us and the Mom's ~ Sticker Sunglasses added

Now the next place we went to was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I mean absolutely amazing! As we pull through the gated entrance Marine starts saying, "We can't afford this...... We so can't afford this."
Gated Entrance

I think all of our mouths are dropped in amazement. Our Mom's and lil sis in the backseat are oh and awe -ing and I am just staring in wonder. Marine drives forward still mumbling, "We can't afford this..."

He parks the car and we all pile out. The Mom's are quickly making plans, pointing where we can put the chairs for the ceremony - as they walk toward the lodge.

Marine and I follow behind, he takes my hand, "This place is beautiful," He leans over and kisses my head, "But you know we can't afford this."

"I know." I reply, "But we can still look...."

We walk around the grounds for a minute. My mom insisting on taking pictures of Marine and I on the bridge and by the falls.

This place was beautiful. The lake, the creek, the falls, the bridge that crosses the lake that is lit up at night, the lodge - the list is endless. This would be the dream wedding location.

For the dream wedding we would rent out the entire lodge - it only has 4 bedrooms - and we would set up chairs for the ceremony out by the lake and there was a spot we could put up a tent for the reception.

But this is a new place and we are told they are not doing weddings. At least not yet.
Oh well Marine's right, we probably couldn't afford it anyway.

We only looked at the two locations today, not having enough time to visit any others. There are others I may go look at the Mom's with another day, but at least now I kinda know what Marine likes and doesn't like.

I think either way we will more than likely go with the first location. It was beautiful, simple and very "us". I mean the second place would definitely be the Dream Wedding Location but let's face it, it was so not "us". It was very formal and uptight - and which we are not.

The first place is definitely more suited for us and the fun wedding we are hoping to have.

Many months left to decide.

Saturday night we were planning on going to a concert. But I was still sick so we ended up eating diner with Marine's Best Friend and then spending a cozy night at home.

Also great news - Marine's truck sold in less than 24 hours. Crazy, huh?

Overall it was a great day, one that I hated to see end.

Museum woman, "Can I help you?"
Rachel, "Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt. It's such a beautiful space. Do you do a lot of weddings here?"
Museum woman, "Yes, we're very popular. There's a two-year waiting list. Sorry."
Rachel, "Monica, you should totally put your name on the list."
~ Friends ~

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One of The Guys said...

I love those kind of days! Hanging out, but getting stuff accomplished too!

The first place seems cozy and sweet and very pretty! I say GO FOR IT!

One thought for the future. When you go to buy a house...sorry to jump the gun, but this came to mind.....spend the extra $ and really get something you love. It seems like so much more, but when you break it down by month, it's nothing.

OMG, do I sound OLD or WHAT!!!!!!
I'm not...well, my wife isn't. :)