Friday, February 19, 2010

Love Is A Funny Thing

First just a side note my Thursday Reviews are just something fun I wanted to do, I'm not being paid to do them (but oh wouldn't that be nice!). It's just my honest opinion on products. I love to read, as I think you all know, so figured I would share some book reviews. And I am always trying new products so may as well tell you the good and the bad - what to use and what to avoid. ~~~ Just thought I would address this since someone had asked (hi GUYS!). And if you know how I can get paid to do these reviews please share! haha I mean I'm pretty broke and any extra wedding fund money would be greatly appreciated.

So with that out of the way lets get to today's post.

It's Friday!!! YAY!! I ♥ ♥ ♥ Friday! But I mean really who doesn't?

This will be Marine's last weekend home before deployment [insert sad face here]. He arrived in last night, or perhaps I should say this morning, about 3:30. I am still sick and when sick I like my space, yeah I'm a bitch like that. So instead of driving the extra 30 minutes to my house last night, he slept at his mom's. But we met this morning for breakfast before I had to be to work.

I was running a few minutes late and when I arrived at Chick-fil-a I found Marine in a booth with the food all ready. He knew exactly what to order me without being told, Chicken minis and Dr. Pepper ~ Great way to start the day!

The sun is shining - thank goodness - and no snow is predicted for what seems like the first time in weeks! Yes today holds the promise of what will surely be a wonderful weekend.

I'm working today till 1 and then Marine and I are going to spend some time together, maybe go see a matinee...... ahem..... ahem..... (muttering).... Valentine's Day.

Tomorrow hopefully it will be pretty and we can look at Wedding Locations. But we'll see. For his last weekend home I want Marine to have a wonderful one doing things he loves to do.

I can't believe that deployment is almost here. I've known it was coming and have tried to prepare. And I can think I'm ready and say I'm ready till I'm blue in the face, but when that moment comes I know I won't really be ready.

I try to think positive. It's not goodbye, it's see you in eight months. But if you watch the news or read articles like this (or this one about MARJAH, Afghanistan) you can see why I can't help but worry. I know this is his job and I also know he's good at it. Still though......

So many feelings; hopes and fears that I write about cause I'm just not really sure how to talk about them. I want to be positive and put on the brave face for Marine - I know he knows I worry but why speak the words out loud. It's almost as if then I'm saying I have doubts or fears about him returning home. I have faith though and pray each night that God will watch over him. Eight months will pass quickly and he will be home before I know it.

But these last two weeks we will have fun and live each day to the fullest. Something we should be doing anyway. The life of a Marine fiance....... I knew it wouldn't be easy..... but I smile because I know the hard times will pass. Love is a funny thing; it calms fears, brings smiles, makes anything seem possible. And it always has a way of finding you when you least expect it......

It has been said that we need just three things in life: Something to do, Something to look forward to And someone to love."
~ Unknown ~


miss esther said...

I love that quote E!
P.S. I like your layout-esp the banner ^^

Date Girl said...

I hope you didn't make Marine spend his last weekend with you watching a chick flick!! Save that one for your girlfriends. My coworker said it's fun to watch with the ladies, I really want to check it out. Hope you guys enjoyed your time together. You've got a great attitude-it's not goodbye, it's see you in eight months. And you've got your blogger friends here to support you!